Monday, October 1, 2007

Ick, sore throat.

What a blah day. My throat feels like it's on fire. I don't even have the luxury of pitying myself and moping in bed since Matt's at work until Tuesday. Such is life! Ari was pretty good yesterday, I don't think he's feeling very well either. He slept in until 9 which is unheard of, took six hours worth of naps and was out for the night at 7:30!

All that napping gave me a chance to dream up my latest creation! I love this photo, Ari has such a sweet face and Sharon adores him (of course, that's what grammys are for right!). I love how it turned out, think I might use it for my DT submission!!

Well, I had inteded on typing more but Ari is begging for some breakfast so must go! I'll be back later for more!

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MsGrace said...

hope you feel better!!! we are all recovering form strep throat here & dh is out of town. I can feel your