Monday, October 15, 2007

Sadly, Matt had to return to work this morning. I shouldn't whine though, he'll be home at three! I managed to venture out of bed yesterday and we even took a little outing to Michaels and Babies-R-Us... I'm suffering today though because of it. We needed to get another stroller, ours is trapped in my car somewhere in Pineville!

Ari is headed to see Dr. Trivette this afternoon, he has a nasty cough and runny nose. I would just pop out to the pharmacy and pick him up some OTC cold medicine but seeing as they recalled it we are stuck. I woudn't be so worried except we were warned that his asthma symptoms may worsen as the weather gets cooler and I really don't want him back on the nebulizer. Wish us luck that it's just a minor cold and nothing more!

I am going to try to talk Matt into taking me to PeiWei for an early dinner since we will be on that side of town... my guess is it won't take too much persuasion since it's one of his faves! Oh, and looks like we are going to be rockin' the minivan for the long haul... enterprise is out of cars due to the nascar race and it doesn't look like my car will be fixed before the end of the month. WooHoo! I'll be sure and snap some pics just as soon as I find the camera battery charger.

Be sure to check back Wednesday too, Ari has his very first Halloween party! We already tried on his little costume, it's THE most ADORABLE thing you have ever seen. I just want to eat him up... I'm sure there will be MANY layouts dedicated to this costume! Hang in, I sure am trying...


Scrapdragons said...

I hope you feel better soon.
Sorry you are stuck with the mini van. I have to drive one for the carpool a few days a week & I feel yor pain. I like the convenience of it with all the kids, but I really dislike mini vans.
My DH is gone too. He left sunday & won't be home until late Wednesday.

Scrapdragons said...

oops...sorry I am signed on as scrapdragons instead of