Thursday, October 4, 2007

A very productive day...

First we did the dishes!

Then we did the laundry!

Ari played with Ella while Michelle and I scrapped!

Ari did Ella's hair! (well, not really)

The result of my scrap day with Michelle! We had such a good time. I am so used to scrapping by myself, it gets quiet. I only got this one layout done, Michelle on the other hand was a scrapping fiend, I think she did eight pages. She is a professional photographer though so she has LOTS more photos than I do.

Funny story: Ella was standing at the side of the play "cage" wanting to be held. Ari crawled over and stood beside her so I thought I would snap a few photos. Ella was fussing a bit but as soon as I pulled out the camera she started hamming it up! It was the cutest thing, she looked right at me and smiled so big, this girl is used to getting her picture taken! Plus, she is absolutely adorable with all that dark hair and chubby cheeks, she looks like a cabbage patch kid! *Michelle, that's totally a compliment if you were wondering, I love cabbage patch kids!*

Anyway, I know I already updated today. I just wanted to get those photos posted before our trip. Matt has wireless in most of his hotels and likes to "check in" on our day. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Croppycatter said...

I love your layouts and your blog, Morgan!! Ari is just too cute...could just eat him up!! : )