Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy BOO to you!

Happy Halloween everyone! I was going to wait until later today to update so I could add photos but... long story alert... our desktop went to computer heaven this week so I don't have the ability to get photos from my camera to my laptop. Matt's at work, we all know he's the one with the brains in this operation so we're just gonna have to wait until he gets home on Saturday to help.

Ari and I were going to go to Gymboree this morning for a little Halloween party but he had other ideas. He threw a FIT before we were supposed to leave so we stayed home until he was ready to be social. We got there right when class was ending but we still went out to lunch with some friends. Michelle & Ella, Michelle's friend Rachael, and Alice and Charlie. The babies were SO cute, Ella was an adorable witch and Charlie was a sock monkey! Alice definately wins on the creativity front, she made Charlie's costume to look just like the sock monkey that he has, it was THE cutest thing I have ever seen. He even had a tail, adorable! Ella's costume was gorgeous. It was black with pale pink and purple accents. It looked so cute with her dark hair, they were all the cutest babies ever!

Ari and I are setting up the rest of our Trick or Treat decorations this afternoon. I have TONS of mason jars filled with sand and votive candles to line the sidewalk up to the house, it's going to look great! I ran into a couple of the neighbor kids, they said they were coming to our house first to get dibs on the candy! That made me smile inside, we're new here and haven't really "fit in" with anyone yet. Hopefully this will be a bit of an ice breaker!

I went to the doctor on Monday, they were a bit concerned since I'm still having pain in my back so they did some X-Rays (which came back fine), gave me a new prescription for a stronger anti-inflammatory and... I get to go to physical therapy for at least a month. WooHoo! It's a lot better than the alternative though, which is MRI's and possible surgery. I'm really not ready for all that. Hopefully this will do the trick and I can get my life back. We're still rockin' the minivan too which is a constant reminder that my car is crumpled. The repair place said it should be done this week, we'll see!

My first PT session is tomorrow, I'm a bit nervous but I've done PT for my legs before (my distance running days) so I can't imagine it's all that different. Michelle and Ella may come over to scrap after! Friday we are all going to Discovery Place to see the Body Worlds exhibit, I've been wanting to see it for months! Matt refuses to go, he thinks it's creepy. Friday night or Saturday Dick and Sharon are coming to visit for the weekend! Matt's supposed to be home Saturday night but we were looking through his schedule last night and he's supposed to have some other days off. It's way too confusing to explain but if the company honors his contract (which the usually don't) he'll be home Friday. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!! If I can get this camera thing figured out I'll post some photos later, otherwise I will talk to you all later! Have a very Happy Halloween! BOO~

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Nicole said...

I can't wait to see your pics Morgan. I hope your back is feeling better soon!