Friday, October 31, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

My friend Kim blog tagged me and since I have nothing better to write, here you go! Oh, even if I did have something better to write I'd still play along because these things are fun and I like my friend ;) So, here's how it goes... I tell you 7 things you may not know about me then I tag 7 people and link you to their blogs. They take it from there.

1. I don't like bananas. I love banana flavored things but actual bananas creep me out.
2. If I could live anywhere in the US it would probably be the New England coastal area. I love beaches and think it's gorgeous up there. I've sort of had enough of the south.
2. I'm really ready for another baby. We've been "trying" for 5 months to no avail and it's wearing on me. Ari came to us so easily which makes it even harder, plus I'm no good at waiting. All about instant gratification over here ;)
3. Like my friend Kim I think I have more online friends than real life friends. It's easier that way, I'm lazy!
4. I will probably have cereal for dinner tonight. I have a sick kid and he's sucking the brain power out of me, all I want to do is curl up and sleep but Mommies don't get sick days!
5. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will be spending it alone on my couch. Ari is sick and Matt's at work. I don't even get any candy (insert pathetic whining now)...
6. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, so much so that I'm done with my shopping! I can't wait to see Ari's reaction to the cool things Santa is bringing. I'm like a big ole' toddler at heart!
7. Man... I need to think of something good. My other "facts" are pretty lame... I'm fresh out though. If I think of something I'll come back, promise!

Now, I tag:

1. Christina
2. Virginia
3. Michelle
4. Jen and Amy (two for the price of one!!)
5. Deanna
6. Amanda
7. Jennifer

Well, the hubs is calling in between flights so I gotta run. Enjoy your halloween and cross your fingers that my little man gets over this double ear infection and cold pronto!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

9 more days

Until this election crap is behind us. I can't wait. I recently saw something that said "If only closed minds came with closed mouths" and that's how I've been feeling lately. I'm irked and I'm tired of the commercials and "campaigning" and can't wait for it all to be over with. Just had to get that off my chest.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whew, what a week

Things are temporarily slowed down a bit here. I needed a break so I created one. Ari and I were supposed to go to a school carnival today but I had a massive headache so we stayed home and took a nap. I felt guilty for a few minutes but I really think if we had gone I would have ended up sick. I'm one of those "get a headache and it makes me SO nauseous" kind of people. If I don't get on top of it I can be out of commission for days and since Matt's at work I don't have the luxury of getting sick.

Anyway, yesterday we went to a birthday party for our neighbor boy, Cole. It was at a farm and they had tons of things to do. Cole was turning 6 and the party was obviously geared for 6 year olds so it was a little stressful for me. I've decided that from now on (until the kid is a few years older) that if we have a party to go to for older kids I will not go without Matt. I physically can't keep track of Ari and there were several unsafe situations that made me nervous. They have horses at the farm and they are fenced in but the fence is electric. That would be potential problem #1. They had a "cow train" that I thought would be fun for him too but they drove like maniacs and IF he would have gone near it I don't think I would have let him ride on it. Potential problem #2. Then, the slate stairs. Potentail problem #3. Oh, and the bonfire. I think I'll leave it at that. It was a super cool party though, don't get me wrong. Just way too much for this overprotective mamma. I will definately be keeping that place in mind for next year, maybe a Halloween/fall party with all of our friends and family. I didn't take any pictures because I had my hands full the whole time.

Did I tell you that we had family pictures taken last week? We went to Portrait Innovations because I had an awesome coupon and it's been almost a year since we've had a picture with the three of us in it. Terrible, I know. Anyway, here's a sneek peek...

Ari was a little difficult to work with but that's to be expected. He's almost 2 and the staff there was WONDERFUL. The photographer did a fantastic job. I wish we would have had our video camera or something so you could see how he was truly behaving. He was wiggly and squirmy and screaming and running away but you would never know it by the shots that she was able to get. She didn't mess around either, when she knew she had the shot she moved on and I greatly appreciated that. We were in and out with all of our pictures in less than an hour.

Tomorrow I think we may go to Michelle's to visit for a bit. Ari has been asking for "ewwa" all week and I feel bad that he hasn't been able to spend time with her. We have plans nearly every day during the week so if we don't do it tomorrow I don't know when we will have the chance.

I'll be back tomorrow with some scrappy eye candy too but that means I need to get my rear off the computer and actually create something. Ciao!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

No news is good news, right?

Man, I tell ya. I have every intention of blogging but tell myself, "I'll do it later" and later never seems to come. Things have been absolutely wonderful here and I have been thoroughly enjoying life lately. Ari has been going to a sitter twice a week for some away from Mommy time and I have enjoyed having a few hours to myself. He is back in Gymboree or "buree buree" as he calls it. He also has a new playgroup that meets on Monday mornings. It's more just for us moms to chat but the kids play wonderfully together. It's just him and two other toddlers and he thrives in small group settings so it's a win-win!

Speaking of the little one... He is growing by leaps and bounds! Not physically, he's still the same size he was last year but man is his vocabulary exploding. Every day he says at least a dozen new words and is starting to speak in short sentences! It's so cool, I find myself staring at him with my mouth wide open and more than a few times I've yelled "Did you hear that Daddy?" I am so in awe with him, even not so good days are still amazing. We're still having eating issues but are slowly working through it. I've gotten some great therapist referrals from some mommy friends and we're keeping that door open if we need to go that route in the near future.

I've been involved in some new and exciting ventures lately too. I'm participating in a vendor fair where I will be selling handmade cards and various other holiday items. I have some orders already and couldn't be more excited! Oh, I went out with a friend for coffee this morning and we stopped by a new scrapbook store in our town. While we were there I was chatting with the new owner, she's SO cute and sweet and lo & behold I walked out with a job! I know, shocking! It's not a "real" job, I will be designing for the store and I've already started three projects with three more on the horizon. I will be teaching classes also and I couldn't be more excited. How cool is it to be getting paid for doing something that you love so much. I am just waiting for things to come crashing down around me because no one can be this immensly happy and not have it fall apart. I'm just going to continue crossing my fingers!

I've mentioned a few new mommy friends and that's another good thing that's happened. I joined our local "branch" of The Mommies Network! It's an online community but local at the same time. I've met dozens of mommies and kiddos and made some great new friends. We have Moms Night Out at least once a month and endless playdates. Ari and I are both thriving and I think Matt is enjoying our new almost always happy and cheerful demeanor! Man, again it's a win-win for everyone involved!

Ari and I will be going to Florida to visit my dad in a few weeks. He has relocated to Jacksonville and while it wasn't technically his choice things seem to be going well. With this disaster of an economy you have to do what you have to do and while he gave up his dream location he gained a better paying job. In the end it will all work out I'm sure. Anyway, he called a few days ago and asked if I would be willing to come down and help him with a project. Of course I said yes and asked what was going on. Apparently there is an elementary school near his new workplace and 4 children that go to that school have died tragically this school year. One child was hit by a car speeding through the crosswalk after school. Another was a victim of domestic violence and died of a gunshot wound. Yet another was a victim of gunshot, he and his mom were carjacked. The fourth drowned in a swimming pool. More than once I have cried for these children and their families and as I type this the tears start again. My heart is broken, I don't even know what to say. I can say that I will NEVER take for granted how truly fortunate I am. There aren't words. I will be helping many volunteers build a memorial garden for these poor children, taking photographs of the memorial garden event and creating scrapbooks for each family and the school. It's the absolute least I can do.

Well, talk about ending on a sour note. I just don't know what else to follow that with. I'm heading to bed, I have some very full days ahead of me. We have a birthday party tomorrow for our adorable neighbor boy. It's at a lodge and there will be pony rides, a petting zoo, hayride and tons of other fun things. You can bet I'll be taking my camera!! Saturday we were invited to a local school carnival and I think it sounds fun, if for no other reason that to get some cotton candy. Yes, I am a big giant child at heart!! See you later, hopefully I'll have the energy to share some pictures with you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heads up!

This weekend Crop Addict is hosting a cyber crop! It started yesterday and runs through Sunday night. My challenge and game are about to start so head on over for tons of fun and fantastic prizes!!! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


*Vacation is over, the hubs is officially back to the grind. While I do miss him I have to say it's nice to have the TV back ;)

*I am so totally enamored with my lil' guy. He's getting WAY too big and amazes me all day long.

*Had a blast showing a new friend all about scrapbooking today, I think I may have created an addict! It's always fun to be an enabler ;)

*Watched CSI and ER tonight, bawled like a freakin' baby and now my head hurts.

*It's very blustery here today, all foggy and moist but still warm. Strange.

*Had little man try on his Halloween costume today, he's totally afraid of it and screams if I try to put him in it.

*Busted out the autumn and Halloween decorations, the house is all yummy with decorations!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I have a list of errands to run tomorrow and I'm beat. I think I hear my bed calling me...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can you believe

How absolutely adorable our little boy is? I mean seriously, how cute is this?

I know I'm biased but you have to admit that's a pretty cute face. We went pumpkin picking today and had such a good time! We listened to a little old lady dressed like a pumpkin talk about everything pumpkin related. Of course Ari was more interested in jumping off the little patio we were on than listening to the story. In his defense she was pretty boring but what can you do?

After the story we went on the hayride. She drove all around the farm and played cheesy kids music, there were several older kids on the hayride with us and they were singing along. It was pretty cute! Ari loved it, so did the rest of our group. Our babysitter Kristen and her 2 year old Sage came with us along with my new friend Sandy, her daughter Lilly and little Joel whom she babysits for. Michelle and Ella were supposed to come but since Ari might have a cold they decided to stay away :( Here's all of them, Sage is the 'big' girl in the back, the one that looks like she could be Ari's twin!

After the hayride we played on the playground and picked out our pumpkins. I'm glad we went today because they only had about three dozen pumpkins left. Ari was interested in them for... oh, about two seconds. The rest of the time he wanted to go down the slide with Daddy and Joel!

I learned today, too, that getting 4 kids to sit still long enough for a picture is no easier this year than it was last year. Guess it will be a little while before I can expect that. Everyone had a great time though, there was this sheltered area full of loose straw that the kids had an absolute blast playing in. They were all throwing handfuls in the air and giggling. It was priceless!

All in all it was a pretty great day! There were a couple little meltdowns but that's to be expected! We got some really cute pumpkins which is great since we're having a pumpkin carving party Sunday! I have at least 10 people coming and everyone is super excited. I can't wait either, I absolutely love Fall!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I started a post a couple days ago and have not had the energy to finish it. The kiddo is sick, he has a terrible cough :( A few days ago he was splish splashing in the bathtub and poured a whole cup of water right down on his face. He was holding the cup up over his head and trying to look in it, of course to see in the cup while it's over your head you have to tip it over. Thus the water in the face. His mouth was wide open, water was pouring out of his little nose and I'm fairly sure he inhaled a good bit of it. That's where the cough comes in.

We took him to the Dr. just to make sure, he's never coughed like this before. She said there's a fall cold going around and that he probably has a sore throat too. Poor guy. He's been very clingy and not sleeping well. We all know when the kid doesn't sleep neither do the parents.

Anyway, now I'm sick. I have a sore throat and am completely exhausted. It doesn't help that I drove all over creation today looking for a table for my foyer and every store I went to was closed. It's Monday people, Monday. I know I'm just crabby from lack of sleep and not feeling well but it's very frustrating, especially when gas is still very hard to find and pretty darn close to $4 a gallon.

I think I'm going to go take a nap. I have a million and one things to do today and it's making me even more tired to think about it. I'll catch up with you later, we're going pumpkin picking tomorrow so I'll have pictures to share!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome October

I think October is one of my favorite months. There's so much to do, the weather starts cooling off and it's the jump start to my two favorite seasons. It's pleasant here today, in the high 70's but it started cool which is what I like.

Today was Gymboree day, we're officially back full swing. He is loving it, his class is fairly small and he can just run and have fun. We don't push him to do the structured activities, maybe we should but I think he's got enough time ahead where he'll be required to participate. I just want him to have fun now and go where he pleases. He's learning so much and I really don't want to stifle that. Is that the right word, stifle? You know what I mean though. Anyway, after Gymboree we went to lunch at PeiWei and ran a couple errands before coming home for nap time.

We played outside a bit this afternoon, I took pictures but they're still on my camera. We found two more massive ant hills so we came inside. Matt is boiling water as we speak. I can't believe how many there are, I don't remember them being this bad last year. Oh well, one more thing about the yard I guess. I think we're going to have Orkin come out and treat the yard and house. I don't feel comfortable letting Ari play outside with killer ants taking over. These are the kind that swarm you and bite and bite. It's terrible, I've truly never seen anything like it and it hurts SO bad for days!

Well, tonight I'm going to a show with Michelle at Blumenthal uptown. It's called Mother Lode and looks really funny. I'll tell you all about it when I get home but now I must feed the kid and get ready. I'll leave you with some more scrappy stuff. The manufacturer challenge this month is Scenic Route, LOVE them. Be sure to head over and play along. I can imagine the prize is going to be amazing!!