Monday, October 8, 2007

What a day!!

(Ari with grandpa at lunch the other day)

Wow! We got up at six a.m. in order to drive to the airport, return the car and get through security with a baby and Matt out of uniform (no cutting to the front of the line). We made it though and are glad to be home. We had a GREAT visit! The weather was pretty perfect, only raining once and we were headed home anyway. We just got a lot of low-key visiting in, which is exactly the way I like it! I am now completely in love with Rosemary Beach, the food is to die for, lots of cute local shops and great beach access! We didn't spend too much time on the beach, it was still in the 90's and I didn't want Ari to get scorched. If I can figure out how to put up a slide show I will add a bunch of our photos!

Ari was so tired, we took a walk at about 5:15 to keep him calm until dinner time. He could barely eat so we gave up, plucked him in the tub and put him to bed. He woke up about 45 minutes ago, screaming his head off! Matt went up to see if he wanted a bottle but he just kept shaking his head and crying harder. I went to see if he needed any help and right when I walked in the door Ari totally threw up in his crib. It was horrible, he's never been sick before. I think he was crying so hard that he swallowed air which made his tummy upset. He calmed down a bit, we let him crawl around to see if he would "equalize" the pressure in his little tummy. He seems fine now, although Matt's worried since we caught him chewing pieces of his toy basket today and he (Matt) thinks he (Ari) might have swallowed some.

Anyway, sorry if that grossed any of you out, that wasn't my intention. I am pretty exhausted, thinking about taking a nice hot bubble bath and going to bed. I'm hoping my Crop Addict kit gets here tomorrow, we are going out with some friends for a hike and dinner at T-Bones on the Lake and I need to plant some mums in my pots before it gets too late! I'd like them to be blooming for the trick-or-treaters! Oh, and stay tuned for a picture of Ari's halloween party at B.A.B.Y. class next week, his costume is adorable!

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Michelle Lanning said...

awe poor baby - hope he is feeling better now!