Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pictures... finally!

We had Ari's halloween party this morning at B.A.B.Y. class. He was the CUTEST pirate I have ever seen! We can't seem to find the battery charger for our digital camera anywhere (I think it might be in my car, somewhere in Pineville STILL) so the rest of the photos are on a disposable camera that we bought at CVS this morning.
I did this layout wanting to document how much Matt and I love getting Ari up from his naps every day. He's always standing up waiting for us with the biggest grin. It's the coolest feeling in the world that he's so excited to see us!
This one was for a challenge at Label Tulip. The challenge was to use a photo with an abnormal crop. I love this one of him in the high chair. He gives you this look like, "what mom?".

And the cutest baby pirate on earth! I can't wait till we have the rest of the photos developed. The bottom half of his costume was the cutest part. I made a onesie for him to wear underneath, it started out plain white and I painted a skull and crossbones in the middle and cut up the sleeves a little bit. I grinned every time I looked at him! As we were walking through the hospital to get to our classroom every person that passed us stopped and smiled! He was definately the hit of the hospital today!

Sharon (Matt's mom) arrived about an hour ago, she's going to stay with me while Matt goes back to work Friday. I'm getting better but still not 100%, I'm really afraid of over-doing it and not healing like I should. It's so hard though, relinquishing all control of everything that's "normal" in my life. You have NO idea how hard it is not to be able to pick up your child when he's clawing at your legs just wanting a hug. It's killing me. And as much as I never thought I would say this, it's really hard not being able to even do laundry or dishes. This house is SO messy, it's going to take me a year to catch up.

Well, I'm off to visit a bit before we all head to bed. Tomorrow is just a lazy day, no big plans. Matt and I are actually getting a date night tomorrow night! I think it's been about two months since we had a night alone... SO looking forward to it! Have a great night everyone, I'll check in tomorrow.


MsGrace said...

what a cute pirate!!!!

Jana Eubank said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of that onesie, it sounds adorable!

How was your date last night?

Morgan, I am TAGGING you! Check out my blog for instructions if you want to participate. Otherwise, just ignore me! LOL! ;)

noelmignon said...

that is definately the cutest baby pirate ever!!! said...

Oh my gosh, I had not realized that you made his costume. Awesome job :)

Morgan said...

Oh, I didn't make the costume, just the onesie underneath. The costume is from Old Navy...