Sunday, June 29, 2008

Change of plans.

Matt and I have been discussing in great detail the current room configuration upstairs. Right now we have our bedroom, Ari's bedroom and a dedicated guest room. Ari has toys in his room and downstairs in the family room so he has a place to play no matter where we are. His room is the smallest of the three and now that he's getting bigger we figured we could just swap his room with the guest room. Lately though he has been extremely difficult come bed time, so much so that Matt and I are the not-so-proud new owners of a video baby monitor. Yeah, I swore they were unneccesary, at least I'm able to admit when I'm dead wrong. We hooked it up and tried it out last night.

Worst idea ever. Seriously, it was bad. Up 'til now we've been speculating on the causes of the various bumps and crashes we hear, the general consensus was he's jumping and the bangs we hear are the crib hitting the wall. Wrong. It's his face hitting the crib. Think about that for a minute, it was loud enough that we thought it was the wooden crib hitting the wall. I didn't know whether to be mad or sad. For over an hour we watched him literally bloody his face in utter disbelief and shock. Every time we'd try to go in and soothe him it would only get worse. After the third or fourth bloody cleanup we duct-taped beach towels all the way around the crib. It's pathetic, really.

We came downstairs completely defeated with migraine headaches and tried to figure out what to do about this. We cannot let this keep happeneing, you should see him today. He looks like he's been punched in the face. Two black eyes and several bruises on his nose and forehead. Not to mention both fat lips. The only thing we can think is that he is at the age where all he wants to do is play, bed time is for babies and he's certainly not a baby anymore. We think for now the best solution is removing all the distraction from his bedroom so it's for sleeping only. The logical solution is turning the guest room into a play room and keeping his bedroom where it is. But now, what do we do with the guest room?

I give up. We just need a new house. Add to all this the fact that we're 99% sure we are ready for baby #2 in the near future and we really have a conundrum. I think my biggest problem is the guest room, I need to realize that a guest room just isn't possible anymore. We lived without one for 4 years before this house and our guests were fine, we can store the furniture in the garage (it's not like we park in there anyway) until we actually do buy another house. Sheesh, all these decisions....

Well, sorry this turned into such a ramble. It's getting pretty stormy outside so hanging in the baby pool is out. Guess I should tackle the mountain of laundry upstairs and ponder my room situation... I promise to be back later with fun pictures of Ari's half birthday festivities and hopefully some scrappy things.

Oh, I almost forgot... I am proud to be able to tell you that I am a returning member of the Crop Addict Design Team. My last term was up this month and I had such a good time I decided to throw my hat in the ring for the next term and I made it!! It's a huge deal for me, I feel very honored to remain a part of such an amazing team. YAY!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eventfull Days!

It has been a fun week around here! We've had activities planned nearly every day and I am truly loving the chance to spend some quality time with my guys. Yesterday we headed to the pool with Michelle and Ella. It was actually the first time Matt has been in the water with Ari since last summer! Every time we've either been swimming or at the beach Matt's been at work. We had such a good time, Ella was twirling in her floatie trying to "teach" Ari how to kick and spin. We were all laughing and splashing around and just enjoying the water. I conciously decided to leave the camera behind and just enjoy the day, I got to swim and relax and catch some rays with no worries of getting the perfect picture. It was completely stress free and relaxing!

After swimming we had planned on going to this "carnival type thing" that a friend told me about. She said there was live music and vendors and a playground that Ari would love. We got there and a. the music didn't start until 7 which is Ari's bedtime, b. the only vendor was selling beer and c. the playground was designed for kids at least 8-10 years old. Nothing even remotely toddler friendly anywhere to be seen. And it started to storm so we grabbed dinner at Brixx and headed home. I felt SO bad, Michelle and Ella were going to go with us and it was a total bomb. I learned my lesson though, research does pay off! I tried to look up this event and couldn't find it anywhere... guess that's because it really didn't exist the way I thought!

Ari had a rough night last night, he woke up several times with stomach pain. I felt so bad, we had to just let him cry it out. He finally went down around midnight and stayed asleep until 7:30 this morning. We had breakfast and played for a bit then I put him in his crib for morning nap. He talked and talked for about an hour until we had to leave, not once closing his eyes for a nap.

We went to Monkey Joe's this morning. Michelle is doing some freelance work for a local moms website and they were having a party today so we all went. It was a blast! The entire room was full of different inflatable play areas, Ari and Ella were both pretty terrified at first but sort of warmed up to it once Matt and I went in with them. Ella is comfortable pretty much anywhere and had fun bouncing and climbing but Ari didn't want to let go of our hands the whole time. We took him on some big slides but it was tiring climbing to the top. After cake and punch we headed home, no nap meant total meltdown and didn't have the energy to fight with him. Again, no pictures. This time it wasn't on purpose though, my camera battery died on the first shot!

We had a little half birthday thing planned for him this afternoon, I was going to make half a cake for him but I'm having second thoughts. We tried to give him some of the Monkey Joe's cake and he hit me... not sure if I want to go to all the trouble just to have him throw a fit. We'll see, I feel bad not doing anything for him. I just put him down for a nap and am going to clean out the baby pool so he can splash when he wakes up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Day!

Those of you that know me personally know that I am not the most patient person, especially when it comes to gift giving. I get so excited knowing I've chosen a great gift and half the fun for me is the reaction, the act of giving and knowing that I'm making someone I love very happy. Well, Matt's birthday is July 17th and we will be in Wisconsin so I decided we would celebrate early. There's no sense in packing his gift when we have so much to bring already, right? So, the early part... today was just as good a day as any! I know, I'm horrible but look at that face?

I honestly cannot remember the last time he was SO excited about something, maybe the day Ari was born. Matt is the proud new owner of an RC Car, it has some sort of name but even if I could remember I doubt those of you that read my blog would have any clue what I was talking about. The thing is pretty cool, it goes like 50 miles per hour and does all sorts of other cool guy things. My hubs is in heaven, he's been tinkering with it all day and is out racing up the street as we "speak".

Ari and I were out there with him for a little while but it is HOT! Like, really hot! I had Ari in his wagon, one: he loves it and two: I didn't feel like baby wrangling in 100 degree heat! He kept standing up in it and I'd say "sit down!". He'd look at me, point and say "dit dow!" It cracks me up how he can be so cute and so troublesome at the same time! Matt and I were talking about the car and he was standing in the wagon saying "dit dow, dit dow, dit dow" over and over! Adorable! He started to get restless and I was about to die of heat stroke so we came inside for a "moodie" (Baby Einstien movie) with "duts" (ducks).

It's now bed time for Bean, he's saying "Ari nigh nigh" which means if we don't listen full on meltdown is very near! Later gators!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home, Jeans!

Kids say the funniest things, this was one of Matt's sayings when he was a wee one. He told me once and it stuck. That, and heckipockers (helicopters). I now have a hard time saying it correctly and I'm sure I've gotten more than one strange look from people wodering what the heck I'm babbling about. Of course, now I can just blame Ari (ah, the wonderful benefit of having a babbler)!!

Anyway, home is where we'll be for the next few days. We went to Gymboree this morning, Ari had a blast as usual. He is most definately a climber and I cannot be more than arms reach away from him or he'll likely end up back in the ER. He's now climbing ladders like he's a professional painter and running down steep ramps like he's racing to the finish line. Still not one for group activity but I'm not bothered, that's just less cheezy kids songs I have to sing repeatedly anyway! We had our usual lunch at PeiWei after class and came home for naps.

No plans tonight or tomorrow. I did rent a couple movies and we stopped at the store for some munchies, now there is truly no excuse to get out of jammies until at least Friday morning. Yay!! Friday we are headed to the pool and most likely a carnival type thing that evening. Saturday is Ari's 18 month "birthday" which we are going to celebrate every year. I don't want him to feel gipped having a birthday 3 days after Christmas, this way he can truly have a day just about him! I plan on making a cake, cutting it in half and letting him go crazy! The bonus is we can do it in the backyard and just hose him off when he's through!

Oh, be sure to check back for some scrappy projects in the next day or so. I am also waiting not so patiently for a big announcement, hopefully I'll have some good news to share in the next week or so!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ari and I had planned to stay home today and straighten up the house but Michelle called; she had a photo shoot of a swim team this morning and thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the pool. Today is the first day in a week that it's not supposed to storm so we headed to her side of town. They had a blast, those two are definately water babies! Ella was in her little floatie saying "kick, kick" trying to teach Ari what to do. She cracks me up, you'd never know that she's the younger of the two! Ari had hold of a toy that she wanted and she said, "LET GO"!! Too cute!

We came home and Ari took a late nap, I'm hoping he can stay awake until Matt gets home at 8! He's pretty cranky though and I don't know if I can take two hours of whining. I think he's cutting his eye teeth... all of them. I sure wish he'd just get them all and be done with it. Mostly I just feel bad because there's nothing I can do to make him feel better.

Tomorrow is Gymboree and *maybe* another trip to the pool?? I'm looking forward to Matt being home for 4 days, I have a huge to-do list that I would like to tackle. I think my flower beds have more weeds than flowers, I can't do anything about it when Matt's at work though because Ari runs into the street. I spend all my time chasing him and accomplish nothing! I have a list of scrap projects that I need to get moving on too. Sorry for the lack of crafty pictures lately, it's just so nice out most days that we're on the go enjoying our summer!

Anyway, I'm rambling. It's time for dinner, I'll leave you with this video of Ari singing to me this morning over breakfast! **Be sure to pause my music player to the right so you can hear Ari**

*It's eieio with some extra little babbles and a Nemo thrown in for good measure*

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sheesh, storms!

We have had non stop storms for three days! The funny part (or not so funny for my flower beds) is that all we really get is the lightning and thunder. It rains everywhere but here, my poor flowers. I don't water thinking it's going to pour and every morning I wake up to dry ground. Ari isn't too fond of the thunder, he's been waking up two and three times a night. I wish Matt were here, it's day three of his four day trip and usually the hardest one for me. Argh.

I thought some of you may be interested in a day in the life of an airline pilot. There is such a misconception about the lifestyle we live, it's generally comical but sometimes annoying. Anyway, here's a typical day for Matt at work:

Day 1: Be at the airport at 5 am
Fly Charlotte to Washington DC 6 am to 7:13
Fly Washington DC to Philadelphia 8:13 to 9:01
Fly Philadelphia to Richmond, VA 10:25 to 11:38
Fly Richmond, VA to Charlotte 12:25 to 1:33
Fly Charlotte to Lexington, KY 2:25 to 3:35

Once he's in Lexington he goes to the hotel overnight and starts bright and early again the next morning. He rarely flies the same flight twice in one trip, the next day will be completely different than this one. You'll notice he has no more than an hour and a half in between flights (that's break time, btw) for the whole day, almost 12 hours! Oh, and that break time includes the time it takes to get the passengers off and a new set back on, reset all the flight plans, yadda yadda...

So, that's my wonderful husbands work schedule one day last week! He normally flies 4 days at a time (that's three nights in three different cities) with 2-3 days off in between trips! Of course there are always exceptions, shorter trips or more days off but it's just that, an exception.

We're actually in between storms right now. I think I'll take advantage of the lack of lightening and give the Bean his bath. He's all sweaty from the intense amount of screaming he did this afternoon. If anyone knows a good book on how to deal with toddlers tantrums and outbursts I'd love to hear about it!!

How about a picture of the little terror, er, toddler to end the post. Enjoy your evening!

*never mind the crumbs, at least I was eating -Ari*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm making some changes around here.

I'm working on editing my blog, it's a little boring as is and I think it needs a bit of freshening up. Is that even a word? You get the idea though. Also, you may notice that I made some changes to the comments section. Seems a certain family member of mine was leaving inflammatory comments well after a post had been written making it virtuously impossible for me to respond in a timely manner. Thus the comment moderation. This way I'll know right away if someone has not nice things to say! Please don't shy away from leaving me a comment, I really do love to hear what you all have to say. I truly appreciate the little following I have here, it brightens my day!

Anyway, I hope to make a few more visual changes around here. The problem is that I'm not very literate when it comes to html codes and all that jazz so it may take a while. While I'm at it I will be updating my blogger friends list so if you'd like to be added please leave a link to your blog in my comments section and I'll be happy to!

We're enjoying a lazy Sunday around here. We were considering the Symphony in the Park tonight but the weather is a bit shaky and knowing my luck the sky would open up as soon as we arrive. We'll wait until a Sunday when Matt's home, two heads are better than one when it comes to having Ari out past his bed time! Speaking of bed time I do believe it's time for the Bean's afternoon nap, I shall return!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I was in a bar... with my baby!

Michelle was searching for things to do with the kiddos and came across this, so we went! It was awesome! Ari was given a "bracelet" with a long number on it and I was given the matching ticket, when you leave they check to make sure you have the right ticket so no wacko can just prance out with your kid. Pretty smart! They had a dance floor upstairs with bubble machines, hula hoops and shaker toys. The DJ played mostly 80's disco dance music and the kids really got into it. Oh, we also spray painted hair, Ari's was blue and Ella's was pink and got little tatoos. Ari had an astronaut! I wanted to put his hair in a little mohawk but we ran out of time, then he truly would have been my lil' punk rock baby!

Downstairs they had food for parents and kids and a "chill out zone" full of books and toys. It was much quieter downstairs, we spent some time down there when the music started to get to Ari. He's not that great with loud noise anyway and with his little head injury I'm sure he was just a tad more sensitive than normal. After a while he either wanted to be held or just wanted to get out of there so we left early. Michelle and Ella were still having fun so they stayed. On the way out, while they check our bracelet, we were given a goodie bag and a "boon" as Ari says (balloon in case you don't speak toddler). He held it the whole way home saying "Ari happy! Boon! Ari happy!" Absolutely adorable! He's snoozing now, I'm sure he'll be out until dinner time. That means quiet time for mommy, hehe! I think I'm going to lay like brocolli on the sofa, I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night and my morning nap was cut severely short by the new neighbor working on his car stereo and tuning up his boat at the same time. Fanatastic. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we may head to the Symphony tomorrow if the weather holds out! Happy Summer!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Look

I got a little tired of the family room layout so while Matt was at work the other night I got creative! The sofa used to be on the long wall, under the amaryllis picture and the chair used to be where the sofa is now. That big shelf thing was standing in the corner, sort of taking up space. I like this much better, I feel like Ari's abundance of toys now have a place. It's still very obvious that we have a kiddo here but guess what?? We do, so that's not such a bad thing. He loves his things, they keep him occupied which makes for a much more sane mommy and daddy!

In other news, he's doing better today. He has a little bruising on his face from his fall yesterday and he's a little wobbly on his feet. He's going to be fine though, I hope we don't ever have to go through that again. I'm sure we will but a girl can hope, right?!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Man I'm tired...

I can't seem to get caught up on my sleep, I wonder if it's the heat. Or the fact that we are constantly on the go. Either way, I'm beat! It's been fun though, we're getting to do a lot of stuff and make a lot of memories. Yesterday was Gymboree, fun as usual. Ari did a little better, he was super clingy when we got there but really loosened up as class began. We left a little early to meet Matt for lunch. He had to be at the airport at 1:40 so we grabbed a bite and saw him off. He was supposed to be flying until 1 am but most of his flights ended up cancelled so he got to come home early. If you're a traveller I'd avoid LaGuardia in the summer, if you're a crew member it's nice. You get to come home early when your flights cancel for weather!

Anyway, today we met Michelle and Ella at Latta Park for a picnic and some fun. The babies loved the playground (especially the swings). The splash park was uber crowded when we got there but a lot of the bigger kids went home so we gave it a go. Ari was a little timid at first but he would walk a little closer to the fountains each time. It was so cute! Until he slipped and landed on the back of his head. Michelle and I heard his head hit the ground and we weren't even inside the splash area. I thought I was going to throw up, it was horrible. He screamed and screamed and several other moms gasped when he fell. I took him to get Teddy Eddy and he was a little better after that. Ella decided she was done with the water too and walked straight into a mud puddle, falling right down in the middle. I laughed out loud, it was SO cute and funny. Of course that would only happen to Michelle because she hates getting dirty. I felt bad for laughing but she was giggling too (through clenched teeth at first). There was an outdoor shower so it was a pretty easy clean up job. Hehe...

Here are the pictures. We're hanging out at home the rest of the day. Ari is really cranky, he has a massive bruise on the back of his head and I'm sure it's fairly painful. Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I apologize for the snarky post the other day, I just get really irked when people are unreasonable. After I posted that she must have come to her senses because I get an email that says they'll refund me $5 and appreciate my business. Too little too late but that's ok.

I'm super exhausted, today was sort of a fun but strange day. Matt called last night from Indianapolis and said he was on his way home! He was supposed to be on a 4 day trip until Wednesday night but apparently there were some massive weather issues in New York (which is where he was flying) so they cancelled his flights and he got to spend the day at home today! With pay!!! He has to go back tomorrow to finish his trip but he should be able to go to Gymboree with us so that's a plus! We did a little shopping, had lunch at McAlisters... yadda yadda.

I went to Michelle's this evening for a little "me" time, took some scrappy supplies and made a mini album. It still needs a little tweaking but I'm proud of my progress! We're going to try to make that a regular thing, time to ourselves, we'll see how it pans out.

I have pictures and a video to post but tonight is not the night. I have got to get some sleep, I can barely type. I think I've hit the backspace button about every other letter. Sorry for any typos, I'll be more interesting tomorrow!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm so fuming mad, I just had to put this out there. DO NOT shop at if you have any intention of your order arriving on time. I paid extra for quick shipping, according to the calculations THEY gave me it should have been delivered Thursday, Friday at the latest. Yeah, my stuff got here after noon today. 5 business days later. I emailed them asking for a refund of the difference in shipping costs from quick to regular and they said no. The lady that emailed me was SO mean, I'm vowing never to shop there again. Who's with me?? Seriously, there are WAY too many scrap sites out there to have such a low level of customer service. I refuse to give my money to a site that treats it's customers like they are completely expendable. That's fine, I am expendable, and you better believe that I'll spend the obscene amount of money that I do on scrap supplies somewhere else!

Friday, June 13, 2008


We've been trying to get up to Lazy 5 Ranch forever, today finally worked for us. We met Alice & Charlie and Michelle & Ella at Panera where we ordered lunch to go. We thought a picnic once we got up there would be fun. It was SO hot, today was supposed to be cooler but it didn't turn out that way. The babies really weren't interested in eating so we headed out for our Safari. Originally we had planned on a horse drawn wagon ride but after careful consideration (Michelle and myself not wanting to get eaten by an ostrich) we chose to drive my car. Ari sat in his seat and Ella and Charlie rode on laps. I was immediately glad to have my window when no sooner than we get through the gate a massive ostrich RUNS up to my window and pecks the crap out of it. As terrifying as it was we were all laughing. We drove on through and had the greatest time. Michelle and Alice bought feed buckets, you basically just roll down your window and the animals literally stick their heads in your car and grab a mouthfull! One of the animals came up and stuck it's head in Michelle's window (a cow or something like it, sorry I'm not up on my safari terminology) and Ella freaked out and dove head first into my lap. SO cute!! She was screaming, "daddy, daddy" (that's what she's decided my name should be, by the way).

Anyway, we had an amazing time. It was so oppresively hot but still fun. We're definately going again! OH, I almost forgot... they give you this little pamphlet when you go in that says Don't Feed the Cows with the big horns... it said some other stuff but that's not relevant. We're driving along and see these really cute little pigs so we roll the window down and toss some feed out. Well, the herd of Really BIG Cows see the feed and decide they want some too. I'm mashing my hand on the window button and putting the car in gear and Michelle says "wait, I wanna get a picture". Um, hello... massive bull with horns that can kill us headed right this way. I seriously thought he was going to ram the car, I almost screamed. He just wanted the food but still, NOT FUN!

Enough of my babbling... if you're ever in the Charlotte area I highly recommend Lazy 5 Ranch. It's only 8 bucks and SO worth every penny!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


The conversation after Ari's bath tonight:

Me: Matt, go get the camera, I have an idea
Matt: Ok, now? It's his bed time...
Me: Yeah, just go
Matt (returning with the camera): Here, why??
Me: I'm going to do a layout called {Ari}zilla because he looks like a giant crushing the airport. Can't you see it?

I've been there!!

I found this cool map on Alexis' blog and thought I'd see where I've been. Not bad, not bad at all!

I wanna see where you've been too, link me to your blog in the comments!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Colors of Summer Challenge

I am honored to be the Designer of Month over at Crop Addict for the whole month of June! This means I get to come up with the weekly and monthly challenges. I put a lot of thought into what I love about the month of June, and summer as a whole, and this week's challenge is to scrap the Colors of Summer. Head over to the forum to see what it's all about, I'd love to see you participate! Anyone can play, all you have to do is follow the rules and upload your creation to the gallery by the end of the week!! You have until the 13th, plenty of time!!!

Here's mine:

On another note: It seems Ari was a little more traumatized than we thought about the whole playground incident yesterday. At Gymboree this morning he was fine until about halfway through, then all of the sudden he just clung to me and wouldn't let go. I had to hold him the entire time, he just put his head on my shoulder and whimpered. He wouldn't even go to Matt, it broke my heart. Next time not only am I going to say something to the mom, I'm getting security to monitor the playground. Rules are posted for a reason, he could have really been hurt!

Anyway, enough of that. Be sure to check out my challenge, I'd love for you to play along. The prizes are super fun ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playground Violence

I had to wear my "mean mom" hat today. It's SO hot here, over 100 again today, that Matt and I decided to take Ari to Northlake Mall. They have a little indoor play area for toddlers that's fairly new and clean. When I say toddlers I mean that you're supposed to be under 42 inches tall to play. Well, apparently either no one can read or they just don't care because it was overrun with older kids today. Most of the time Ari just stood along the benches watching, afraid of getting plowed over by the bigger kids running around like crazy people. Some of the bigger kids left so he felt brave enough to play, he had SO much fun! There were two or three other kiddos his size that he was running around and climbing with, it was so cute to watch! A few minutes later I look over when Matt says Ari's on his hands and knees not moving. Of course I freak and run over to see what's wrong. He's just kneeling, staring at the floor. I ask him what's wrong and he looks at me with the most sad face I've ever seen. I'm not exaggerating, his whole bottom lip and chin was quivering and his eyes were about to spill over with tears. I scooped him up and he squeezed his arms so tight around me. I asked what happened (we couldn't see him, he was behind one of the climber toys) and one of the moms said the bigger girls hit him in the head. Seriously, who does that?? I marched straight up to their mom and totally ratted them out. I said "one of your girls just punched him in the head" and she looked at me like I'd gone nuts. She said "not my girls". Um, yeah. How would you know sitting all the way over here completely oblivious to where they are?? Oh, and they aren't even supposed to be in here. We left after that, poor Ari. I could see him thinking why would someone do that? He's definately a lover not a fighter. He was so hurt and sad. Not physically, but that's worse. Argh. Why is it that you have to have training and pass a test to drive a car but any yahoo can pop out as many kids as they wish???

Saturday, June 7, 2008

it's hot.

Seriously, it was 105 today. For the third day in a row. Enough is enough. I was dead set against paying $250 to join the pool this summer but if this is any indication how our summer is going to be I'm doin' it. I'll sell stuff on eBay if I have to, we can't even be in the back yard. Ari's toys are so hot it melts your skin. The low this weekend is 88, the LOW...

Anyway, we've been hanging out in the house for the past few days. Poor Ari is going stir crazy I think but we built a few tunnels and a fort in the living room the other day, he had fun. Oh, big news. The little man can eat off a fork! We were at PeiWei for an early dinner after PlayGym the other day, I gave him a fork to keep him occupied and he went to town. So cute!

In other news: he's movin' up! To the guest room. It's bigger, more room for all his junk. I'm getting excited about it, this room has a huge vaulted ceiling and neat lines, we're going to paint some murals and such on his wall. I'll take plenty of pictures when I get started but I think I need to finish some other projects before I start anything else. I'm good at that, the starting. It's the finishing that I seem to have issues with. Our bathroom floor still isn't done. Oh well.

No plans for the rest of the weekend. We may head up to Northlake tomorrow to go to the inside playground and fountains. I don't know though, Ari was terrified of the fountains this Florida trip, I'm not sure I want to drive up there only to chase him through the parking lot. If we go you'll definately see pictures.

I think I'm going to start a few scrappy projects tonight. I started re-reading New Moon, I see myself finishing it in the bubble bath tonight with a bowl of muddy buddies. Good thing I bought a one-piece bathing suit with spandex for the summer!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Don't you just love it

When things turn out the way you intended?? It's so rare for me, I never count on it and tend to ready myself for the impending disappointment. This is not the case with my Twilight ATC cards for the swap I'm in at Scrap, Etc.

I had an idea in my head from the beginning and was so unsure of how I was going to make it work that I waited until the complete last minute to start. With the help of my dear husband (he was the final editor) all 12 of these bad boys are nearly done! I love them, it's going to be the "cover" for the other 11 cards that I will be getting in the mail from my scrappy Twilight lovin' friends. I'm so excited right now, I think the only thing that can top this is the fact that while I was busy crankin' these babies out my dear husband (did I mention that he is totally awesome??) made chocolate chip cookies for me to enjoy in my bubble bath while I re-read Twilight for the 4th time!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beach Babes!