Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall is almost here...

The weather was so nice today! It still gets a little warm midday but overall it's definately cooling off. Sharon and I finished the Halloween decorations yesterday. I had pulled the boxes out the morning of my accident and they have been sitting in the foyer ever since. I love the way the front door area turned out, it's so cute! Just a few minor finishing touches and we will be set!

Sharon heads home tomorrow morning. It's been absolutely wonderful having her here. She helped SO much, I feel so much better! She will be missed but luckily her and Dick are coming back in a couple weeks for a short weekend visit. Matt gets home late tomorrow night, I miss him and can't wait until he's here. Tomorrow is Gymboree class and hopefully lunch with a friend. I am off to get some much needed scrap therapy, I've got some great ideas bursting to be put down!

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MsGrace said...

Gorgeous photos fun about the "wave" from Matt.

hope you are starting to feel better.