Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Call me the Grinch

Yeah, that's going to be me this year. Just to fill you in a bit without this being a completely depressing post... Ari was sick all weekend with extrememly high fevers and coughing, turns out he has RSV. Yay. Well, being that I've been the one cuddling and wiping noses and all that jazz I'm fairly sure I have it now too. I'm exhausted, very exhausted to the point where I can barely get myself off the sofa. I don't think I've ever been this tired. I'm sure being pregnant isn't helping in the energy department but seriously today all I want to do is curl up in a ball and pass out.

So, to the Grinch part. I've decided that we are not sending out Christmas cards this year. We had the picture for it taken Friday but there's no way on Earth I have the energy to make and send however many cards are on my list. So... I'll be posting what was going to be our card here on the blog and emailing everyone the link. Sorry, it's the best I can do. Something has to give or I'm afraid I'll end up more sick than I need to be and this was it. I hope you all understand that I need to take care of myself and the little baby, the big baby (Ari) and Matt first. Don't hate me or if you do just don't tell me to my face!

I've also cancelled our Ohio Christmas trip. No way I'm taking a kid with a fever of 105 on an airplane... I'm sure you understand that one too! BTW, his fever is down to around 102-103 today so we're making progress but he's basically a bump on a log. I don't think he's played with a single toy yet today and he was asking to go to bed at 5:15 tonight! Poor baby. Cross your fingers that we all get over this ickiness and don't need to go back to the hospital!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's been a while~ Sorry. It's been a crazy week or so! First of all, I should show you my December Crop Addict creations. The kit was perfect for me this month. Half the papers were Christmas theme and the other half were white/blue/green and of course as soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for Ari's birthday pictures. His birthday is just a couple days after Christmas so I make sure to really seperate them. Anyway, here you go...

Oh, uh... yeah. That last one is mine, the test that is. We've been trying for several months now and had a little setback a few months ago. This one seems good though, I've been to the Dr. and everything looks fine. We will welcome a new little one next summer and couldn't be more thrilled. I feel great so far, just completely wiped out lately. I cleaned Ari's room today and we moved some furniture (Matt did the heavy stuff) and I had to take a nap after. Pathetic. I'm already chubby too which is slightly annoying but as my mother in law said, she doesn't really feel bad for me when my fat pants are a size 4. Hehe... whoops. I've heard your belly grows quicker with the second one too!

Other than the baby stuff we've been getting ready for Christmas. We cut our tree down this past week. I have yet to decorate it but plan to at least put the lights on tonight after Bean is in bed. It's next to impossible to do anything with him awake and I've been wanting to sleep while he's asleep lately so nothing is getting done 'round here. Oh well, we're the only ones that notice so it's no biggie. Hopefully I'll have it decorated before Santa arrives!

Well, it's time to put the kid to bed so I'm off. Enjoy your week if I don't make it back and cross your fingers that I don't get any visits from the morning sickness fairy!