Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Feeling better (finally!)

I feel a bit better today! Still not 100% but getting there! Matt got in around 4 yesterday so he was able to help with Ari and I got a much needed nap! Unfortunately today is his only day off, he leaves tomorrow morning for a three day trip. We are going to meet up with him Friday morning before our flight to Florida. He has a 4 hour break in-between flights, great for us to get to see him but not so great that he has to be at the airport that long! You know flight crew only get paid for the time that they are in the air! All that time on the ground doesn't count towards the paycheck! So, a typical week Matt is away from home for 4 days, or 80 hours, but only gets paid for about 20 of those hours! I'm not complaining or anything, just giving you a little insight to our world.

Anyway, enough about that. I got some more scrappin' done last night! I did another layout using an out of focus photo. Most of you know that we go to Wisconsin with friends of ours every year. They have a cabin on Lower Eau Claire Lake, Matt has been going for 18 years I think. We haven't been able to make it the past couple of years, both years we were moving to another state right in the middle of the trip. Hopefully next year! I took this picture of Matt coming in from skiing. He just let go of the rope and coasted right in to the dock! Totally cool! I am a horrible skier, I barely get up on two skis, let alone one! Matt rocks though, which is where the title came from!

We don't have any big plans today. Ari is napping right now, when he wakes we are going to run a few pre-Florida errands and maybe I can squeeze in a bit more scrapping. My laundry is severly neglected though, so that might take priority over me "playing around"! Oh, and I have decided to try out for the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame 2008. I have a snowball's chance of actually making it but the projects sound completely fun. Wish me luck!

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