Thursday, October 4, 2007

WooHoo, one more day until Florida!

Ari is sitting on my lap as I type this so we'll see how it goes! We are leaving tomorrow morning to visit my dad, I am pretty excited. I haven't seen him since August, he's going to flip when he sees how big Ari is! Matt left early this morning for his trip but we will see him tomorrow, unless his schedule drastically changes which is very likely.

Finished another layout last night! I did this one for the "Pink Contest" over at Label Tulip. In honor of breast cancer awareness month they challenged us to use the color pink in a layout. I've had this picture of my pink hat for years and thought it would be a good starting point. The journaling reads, "I promise... to be kind * to be faithful * to love myself * to be understanding * to eat healthier * to read more * to really live * to cherish each day * to be happy * Oh, and everything on this layout is hand cut, took FOREVER!

My friend Michelle might come over today to do some scrapping! She has a little girl, Ella, that's just a month younger than Ari and they love to play together! If she doesn't come over I doubt I will get any scrapping in today. I am pretty behind on housework, with being sick and all the scrapping I've done. I hate coming home from a trip to a messy house, totally ruins the nice relazed feeling that you get from being at the beach! I will try to update while I'm down there but if I don't get a chance we will be back Monday or Tuesday. Hope everyone has a super weekend!

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