Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fly Guy...

Matt and I went to the mall after Ari's appointment the other day and I found this shirt. There was no way in the world I wasn't going to buy it! Grandpa Dick, it's just for you!! Matt didn't even protest, he thought it was adorable and wants to get the pants that go with it.

Ari and I dropped Matt at the airport this morning after a wonderful morning at home! We all sat down and had breakfast together, well, Matt and I had breakfast while Ari shoved the food around his tray making horrible faces. He has turned into the pickiest eater this last week. I'm not really sure what's going on, he won't even eat the food that he normally loves. Unless it's graham crackers, he just burries his face down in his arms and moans until you take every last bit of food to the sink. He doesn't seem to be hurting in the weight department although I am worried about this becoming a pattern. If anyone has any encouraging advice, please leave me a comment (at the end of the post there's a "_comments" that you can click on. You don't have to have an account, you can just leave your name. Thanks in advance!!

We were going to head to Florida today but decided it would be more fun if we waited until next week and Matt could join us for a few days. I would love to get one more trip to the beach this season especially now that Ari is sitting and crawling. Oh, and I can't wait to see my dad! I was looking at the calendar to plan this little trip and realized it's only six weeks until my brother comes home from Korea!!! We haven't seen him in a while, it's going to be great to catch up in person for a change.

I am digging through the garage this afternoon to find all the Halloween decorations! October is only two days away so I think it's safe to put things out without looking like one of those crazy people that decorates for holidays four months in advance! Not that there's anything wrong with that! I'm off to put Ari down for a nap, he had a rough afternoon... we got stuck in traffic coming home from the city because some crazy homeless guy was standing in the middle of the interstate begging for money (I say "crazy" because you would have to be to stand in the middle of I-77 holding a cardboard sign asking for money). Wish me luck!

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