Friday, October 26, 2007

Look mama, no hands!!!

I was on the phone with Matt this evening, looked over at Ari's cage and saw him standing on top of the laptop box with his arms folded and resting on the top of the cage. He was just looking at me like it was no big deal! I about had a heart attack... he's never climbed anything like that before. Guess I need to baby-proof another foot higher throughout the house!

When I hopped (well, not really hop so much as slide painfully) off the sofa to grab the camera he threw his hands up in the air like he was SO proud of his accomplishment! He is getting WAY too big way too fast! I'm actually shocked he was still in a good mood at this point in the day considering he awoke at six a.m. and took NO naps all day!

We went to the mall to have lunch with a good friend, Melissa, and her daughter Aubrey. I haven't seen her since her wedding back in August and she looks great! Her husband may have to work tomorrow and if he does she and Aubrey are going to come over and play. Ari is in LOVE with Aubrey, he looks at her and gets this adorable smirk on his face. I never knew a not-quite ten month old knows how to flirt! Look out huh...

Once Ari finally did go to sleep I headed right to my scrap table! Big shocker there. I got my new kit in the mail yesterday and it's screaming for me to tear into it. I did this layout for the weekly challenge at Crop Addict, to alter a photo in some way. I cropped this one, converted it to B&W and colored the background with a colored pencil. I'm really happy with the result! I also made the heart... I cut it out of cardboard, covered it with red ribbon and used puffy paint to outline it. I know, totally crafty!
This one is decent, I think I need to tweak it a bit. Some more photos from pumpkin picking, I think all of the photos from that day are going to need their own album! Between the photos Michelle took and the ones we got with our digital I am in "scrappers heaven" if there is such a place!
I really should get my buns off the computer and clean up this house. I've kinda let it go the past couple days. What can I say, a girl has to have priorities huh! I am "online scrapping" with some friends over at Label Tulip tonight, I better get a move on! Have a great night everyone.

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OMG - it's a mixed blessing when they learn something isn't it. Kinda keeps you on your toes :)

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