Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mother Nature... make up your mind!

The forecast said it was supposed to be chilly and rainy all day... it was neither! We turned the A/C back on around noon, it was so unbearable in the house. Ari and Ella were sweaty little babies today! Oh, my good friend Michelle and her little Ella came over today. As you can see below, we were pretty productive scrapping this afternoon!

These photos are from our last trip to visit my dad down in Panama City Beach, FL. The visit was about two weeks ago and the weather was still pretty warm, perfect for hanging out on the beach! It rained nearly every evening which was actually pretty perfect because it got the sand wet enough that it didn't blow in Ari's face when we sat him down. Ari is nine months old here!
This is my FAVORITE photo from our hayride at Maple Springs Farm last week. You really can't tell but his eyes are SO blue in this picture, the lighting was perfect. It was taken by Michelle, my good friend and photographer. If you're local, she has her own business and her photos are fabulous, leave me a comment if you want info!
Last but not least, the layout for this weeks Scrapdragon's challenge. The challenge was to use the color pink (in honor of breast cancer awareness), the word "art" in the title and paint. I used bubble wrap and pink paint to get the "dotted" look! I can't take credit for that idea, I've seen it done elsewhere and thought it looked so neat.

Other than scrapping with Michelle I didn't really do much today. Tonight is going to be more of the same. Matt only has one more day off so I think we're going to eat dinner in front of the TV and watch a movie, the closest thing to a date we can have!

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These layouts are fabulous ! Great !