Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fly Guy...

Matt and I went to the mall after Ari's appointment the other day and I found this shirt. There was no way in the world I wasn't going to buy it! Grandpa Dick, it's just for you!! Matt didn't even protest, he thought it was adorable and wants to get the pants that go with it.

Ari and I dropped Matt at the airport this morning after a wonderful morning at home! We all sat down and had breakfast together, well, Matt and I had breakfast while Ari shoved the food around his tray making horrible faces. He has turned into the pickiest eater this last week. I'm not really sure what's going on, he won't even eat the food that he normally loves. Unless it's graham crackers, he just burries his face down in his arms and moans until you take every last bit of food to the sink. He doesn't seem to be hurting in the weight department although I am worried about this becoming a pattern. If anyone has any encouraging advice, please leave me a comment (at the end of the post there's a "_comments" that you can click on. You don't have to have an account, you can just leave your name. Thanks in advance!!

We were going to head to Florida today but decided it would be more fun if we waited until next week and Matt could join us for a few days. I would love to get one more trip to the beach this season especially now that Ari is sitting and crawling. Oh, and I can't wait to see my dad! I was looking at the calendar to plan this little trip and realized it's only six weeks until my brother comes home from Korea!!! We haven't seen him in a while, it's going to be great to catch up in person for a change.

I am digging through the garage this afternoon to find all the Halloween decorations! October is only two days away so I think it's safe to put things out without looking like one of those crazy people that decorates for holidays four months in advance! Not that there's anything wrong with that! I'm off to put Ari down for a nap, he had a rough afternoon... we got stuck in traffic coming home from the city because some crazy homeless guy was standing in the middle of the interstate begging for money (I say "crazy" because you would have to be to stand in the middle of I-77 holding a cardboard sign asking for money). Wish me luck!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Big Guy!

We had Ari's appointment today and it could not have gone better! He was a perfect angel letting Dr. Trivette examine all of his pieces and parts. He is perfectly healthy, she manipulated his hips and couldn't feel anything out of place, his breathing is completely normal and he seems to be ahead of the curve on all of his developmental milestones. She was a bit shocked that he is already cruising!

For the fun info... he weighs a whopping 21 lbs 1 oz and is 28 inches long!! He is just below average for height and just above average for weight. He seems to be catching up, or slowing down I suppose! Now that he is mobile his weight gain really seems to be tapering off.

He has figured out how to throw his toys outside of the "cage" so as we speak he is standing at the side plopping all of his toys on the other side. Every time I look over to see what he's doing he just gives me this enormous grin and crinkles up his nose (Dick & Sharon, you know the face!)

We don't have a thing on the agenda today. I need to make a card for the Gardner's, the lawn could use a trim... other than that it's going to be a lazy day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know....

I know this is the second post for today but I was a bit distracted earlier. I was writing the post during one of Ari's fussy times this afternoon, Matt was totally taking care of it but I do not have the ability to focus on anything else when he is like that. Anyway...

I completely forgot to mention the fact that I won another contest today! It was one of the weekly contests on Crop Addict, my layout from Summer '07 was the winner! It's in my Picasa gallery if you would like to see it! I seem to be on a roll lately huh!!

I made another layout tonight after Ari went to sleep. I haven't been feeling very creative the past few days; needless to say I am pretty pleased with this one. The title treatment is puffy paint and a regular old marker! *I did cheat a bit and trace a few of the letters ;) Nobody's perfect huh. The photo is a bit blurry, I am completely impatient and wanted to post it tonight so I missed the natural light. You get the idea though.

Enough for today, Matt's itching to get back on the computer and Ari's doctor appt. is pretty early tomorrow so I am going to bed!

A Gymboree Day

Since we didn't make it to class on Monday we went today for a make-up! This is the class we used to be in (before switching to Monday's) so Ari recognized a few of the babies and seemed pretty comfortable. He had just woken up from a nap as well so he was ready to play!

We went out to lunch after class, PeiWei is one of our favorite restaurants and since we moved we don't eat there nearly as often as we used to. It was a nice treat and Ari had fun eating with us. We picked up the groceries on the way home so my errands for the day are done!

I made an incredible baby album last night for all of Ari's firsts. It turned out SO cute! It came with a storage box but I just want to spread it out on a shelf for everyone to see. It's an accordian album so both sides have photos and goodies on them, the photo really doesn't do it justice!

On a super exciting note... Our good friends Brad and Emily had their baby yesterday morning. Ethan Brady Gardner was born yesterday morning at 10:05 am weighing 8lbs 7oz and 21.25 inches long! Emily was induced and had an AMAZINGLY SHORT labor of 3 hours before Ethan was born. I told Matt I was jealous of her short labor but in retrospect, mine was relatively easy as well. Ethan will be welcomed home by big brother Tyler, two and a half years old! Welcome to the world little Ethan and congrats to Brad, Emily and Tyler!!

We are just hanging out at home for the rest of the evening, not to exciting. Ari's 9 month check up is tomorrow, I will let you know all the juicy details!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little thing I whipped up

This is a wooden "W" I picked up on clearance at Target a while ago. It's just been sitting in my basket for weeks so I thought I would dress it up a bit and put it to good use. It started out just plain white, I painted it and covered it with some paper and ribbon, attached the leaves and wallaa! Can you tell I am really itching for fall to arrive??

There is a miniature clothes pin behind the little leaves in the bottom corner so we can change out the photos as we please!

We are headed out to have lunch with a friend this afternoon. My camera arrived from Russia while we were gone so we need to swing by the post office to pick that up... I CAN'T WAIT!!! Matt has a Dr. appt this afternoon as well, nothing big, just a check up. We are going to be over on that side of town for lunch so thought we might as well schedule the appt. and save another trip! I am going out to the local scrap store tonight... they are doing a "baby's firsts" album and I thought I might need one of those since we have a baby and he's got quite a few firsts! I'll put pictures up when I am done with it. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Monday, September 24, 2007

What A Weekend!!

We made it home today!! I was sort of hoping we would make it home yesterday so Ari and I could go to his baby class at Gymboree today but no such luck. The flight was full and wouldn't you know that the last person RAN up to the gate two minutes before they would have let us on. Bummer... but I guess that's part of flying for free! We made it home with no problem today and since Mr. Bean woke up at 6:30 this morning he got a little extra "Grampa time" before Dick had to go to work. We spent the day with Sharon, took a little detour to Archiver's on the way to the airport.

We landed in Charlotte almost 35 minutes ahead of schedule... I had the window shade pulled up most of the flight so the light wouldn't wake Ari. I pulled it down when we landed (I was a little nauseous, whomever was flying was not using auto-pilot) and guess who taxi'd right by us... Matt!! I waved out the window like a crazy person but he didn't see us. Guess he was too busy driving an 80,000 lb. aircraft out to the runway. It was too cool to see him buzz right by us; he looked to professional with his headset on. I love that guy to pieces!!!

Ari and I are enjoying a lazy evening at home surrounded by our beloved toys! I am going to play with my new scrap goodies and Ari is playing with his toys like he's never seen them before. We are all having lunch with a friend tomorrow and hopefully I will have some new photos from our visit to post for you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Thurdsay already??

Where did this week go?? I can't beleive it's Thursday. There really isn't that much to write, we have had a pretty typical week. Matt arrived home late Tuesday evening. Yesterday Ari and I had B.A.B.Y. class at the hospital and I ran some errands that afternoon. Baby-free errands are SO much easier and less time consuming plus Matt had some "daddy time" with Ari. We worked in the yard in the evening. Nothing big, just some mowing and trimming. We are going to wait until next month to do any major yard renovations. I would like to have the garage organized in the near future... it's a completely unusable space right now.

I have included pictures of Ari's play cage... many of you have inquired as to what I am talking about and I want to ease your fears that we put our baby in an actual cage! Also, my scrap corner! I LOVE having all this space to create. Ignore the yucky walls and the lack of curtains, we are working on that. Also, my latest layout. It's for the Scrapdragons challenge. We had to use the sketch they provided for inspiration. I realized that I have never done a page just about me and thought it might be time.

Today is pretty low key. Matt was up WAY to late last night playing on the computer and is now sleeping. Ari is down for a nap so I think I might tackle some baby unfriendly tasks around here before he wakes. Tomorrow we head out to Lousville for the weekend. We will be back Sunday evening. Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are sure looking forward to ours!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Uuggh, Mondays...

Monday's aren't my favorite. Today was no exception. Ari has been exceptionally cranky lately and today was not one of his best. He did have a really great time a Gymboree though! The transition to the level 2 class was rough for him. The class was right in the middle of his nap time and now that we live at the lake the drive is about 35 minutes. We switched to Mondays at 3 pm so we head out the door as soon as he wakes up from his midday nap. It seems to be working pretty well. Today he had a blast with his friends Maddie, Lia, & Lorenzo. They are all the same age (just a three week spread between them) so their skill levels are similar. I think the classes are just as fun for me as they are him. We are going to music class tomorrow morning, it's the first one we've been to so I will take the camera.

On another note... I did some research on the wierd bushes we have in the front yard. Turns out they are miniature holly trees. So, within the coming months we will be ripping those out seeing as they're poisonous and all. *A little rant* What kind of moron plants holly trees with a child in the house? I'm talking about the previous owners... Matt and I know to do a little research and eliminate as many of the poisoning hazards as possible. I know the old owners had a kid too, because there were toys left in the back yard and you could tell which room was his. OK, Just had to get that out, I'm alright now!

You probably noticed the layout above. It's my latest creation! I got my September kit from Crop Addict and had to use it right away. I love how this one turned out, just like I pictured it in my head which is rare! It showcases some of my "mom secrets", even though most of them aren't really secrets. It's pretty obvious that I spend too much on his clothes, and of course I think he's the cutest baby ever! I love those photos of him too, we took them in the yard yesterday. He just loves being outside.

Tomorrow should be fun, we have baby music in the morning, a lazy afternoon at home and Matt gets home in the evening! Can't wait to have him home... I already have some projects planned for him! Hehehe...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oldies but Goodies

Here are two more layouts from my album. I did these a couple months ago, sort of copied layout ideas from the girls at Crop Addict but I love them!

The first one, "Baby Love" is from our Valentines picture and the second, "Wonder" is Ari at six months old. It's amazing the difference, huh!

Incase you failed to notice the cool new icon to the right, I WON the challenge at Scrapdragons! I was having a hard time this afternoon with Ari, he seems to be boycotting napping today, and sat down to breathe for a few minutes... I clicked the site and couldn't believe my eyes! I got an amazing gift certificate for scrap supplies that (shocker!) I already used this afternoon! I love the challenges on that site, if you're into scrapping you should definately give it a whirl. If I can do it so can you.

It was a pretty uneventful day around here. I cleaned the windows and floors, yea! Ari and I had fun watching the bigger kids play ball in the street out front. My neighbor came and sat with us for a bit, he hinted at wanting me to run for president of our HOA next spring. We'll see, not sure if I want that much fame!

New Layout

I was informed by my brother last night that I need to put more scrapbook pages on here... Well, I listened! Finished this one last night. I was intending on using it for the CA Design Team Call but I'm not all that happy with it. I don't really know if it's a great example of my style. It's fun, but not fun enough. What do you think? Please leave comments if you have any suggestions. Oh, and the journaling on the page are the lyrics to the first part of "Wish You Were Here" by Incubus. I believe it's on my playlist to the right. Click on the song twice if you want to hear it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Really Great Day!

The kitchen floor in all it's completed and clean glory! It looks a million times better than what was there before! The cabinets are almost done, you can see in the corner one of the originals. All we have to do is paint that back wall and we will be DONE! Ari is beside himself having a whole new area to patrol! He crawled in circles for twenty minutes this morning while I packed Matt's lunch bag!

Today could not have been any better! Well, unless Matt were coming home from work instead of going to, that's about the only thing that would make it better! Ari slept in until almost 9am, unheard of lately! He was in a super mood until nap time at 9:45 then slept until almost noon! Matt and I had a great breakfast together before he had to get ready for work. In the interest of a little extra family time Ari and I took him to the airport. It shaves off about 25 minutes of his commute if he doesn't have to park in the employee lot and ride the bus to the terminal. After we dropped him off we headed up to Lake Norman... there is a scrap shop up there that I haven't been to in a while. Since we were half way there I figured why not? The drive is amazing, the first third winds along our lake (Lake Wylie), the middle is through the city (Charlotte) and the last part is right along Lake Norman. There were tons of boats out today enjoying the calm, cooler weather. Ari was PERFECT the whole time we were shopping, I think he was mesmerized by all the paper, so many bright colors! We came home and had tons of play time before dinner, bath and early bed since we skipped two naps with all of our travelling. He was OUT by 6:15... didn't even have enough energy to splash in the tub.

Call me crazy but I think tonight I am going to paint the family/hobby room. I should finish the kitchen and living room but I need a change of scenery. The rest of the furniture should be here for the family room in the next two weeks FINALLY! We have been waiting for it since July 3rd. Those who know me know how patient I am... or really not patient I am when it comes to something I want. Oh, and I really dislike paying for something that I don't have. Two more weeks, I can handle it! After that the downstairs will be nearly finished! I can't wait!

Tomorrow Ari and I are headed over to Tara's, she had surgery Friday and we are going to hang out and keep her and Hannah company. Monday is baby class at Gymboree, Matt gets home Tuesday, Wednesday is B.A.B.Y class at the hospital and Friday we are headed to Louisville for the weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I don't like teeth.

Let me clarify... I don't like teeth when they are coming in for the first time. Not that I have any idea what that actually feels like, but I can guess based on my eight month old's mood the past few weeks. He cut his SIXTH tooth THIS WEEK this morning and let me tell you, he was not happy about it. We learned very early on that Ari does nothing half way, it's all or nothing for this little guy. He didn't roll over until he was six months old but once he did he was rolling both directions all the way across the room. None of this roll once and get stuck business. He sat up for the first time just before six months and within two weeks was going from laying to sitting all by himself. Then came the crawling. One day he just took off. Once he was crawling it was a matter of days before he was pulling himself up to stand and now he cruises along any surface that will support him (and some that won't).

Long story short, he now has eight teeth, all new to his little mouth within the last three weeks. He is miserable. The doctor suggested giving him a frozen bagel to gnaw on to ease some of the discomfort... those of you that have seen the photos know how succesful THAT was. When Ari is miserable, we are all pretty miserable. I have been fighting a severely nauseating headache all week and Matt's so tired he fell asleep at the computer last night. Hopefully things will calm down a bit in Ari's mouth and we can all get some much needed rest and relaxation.

I posted a new layout to my Crop Addict gallery today. It's going to be one of the layouts that I submit for the DT call. I am incredibly pleased with the result. It's one of my favorite memories, now I can truly enjoy not only the photo but the story behind it. If you would like to see it, click on the Crop Addict link to the right, go to the gallery and my username is morganj99. Once there, you can see all of the layouts I have submitted!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Middle Name Game

I saw this game on a fellow scrappers' blog... I think the basis of it is to use the first letter of your middle name to describe you, so here I go.

L - Loving (at least my husband says so). I try to be very loving of those close to me.

E - Energetic I have this sudden burst lately to finish the house... right now! I guess I'm just tired of it not being completely perfect.

I - Intense I rarely do anything halfway, it's all or nothing. I am a pretty passionate person about nearly everything in my world.

G - Goofy I have been running on severly low sleep for the past month or so... Goofiness tends to be a side effect of that!

H - Happy, Incredibly happy with everything in my life. Who knew that at 25 I would have everything I have ever wanted in life? I feel very fortunate and am thankful every day for all that I have.

I think I'm supposed to pass this on to other people that I know, so if you happen to read this blog you get to participate! If you do it, either link me to your blog or email me and tell me your results! Have fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Here's my layout for this weeks design challenge. The challenge was to make a layout of your summer activites. There were so many things to chose from... all the trips we took (I think Ari has been on 20 or 22 flights since he was 2 months old!), buying the house, and of course Kira. We are finally to the point where we can have pictures up and talk about her without totally bursting into tears. Well, most of the time anyway. This was a fun challenge for me, there were so many elements to put together and still have a cohesive look, I think it works though.

Matt and I are going to tackle the kitchen floor today, I am super excited. The cabinets will be finished tonight. I will post a picture as soon as we are done.

Ari and I are going to Louisville next weekend, Matt will be there for work on a super long overnight. We will get to spend most of the day Sunday visiting before he has to report to the airport. Trying to squeeze in another PCB trip before it gets to cold or hurricainey to have any fun on the water. We bundle Ari in his baby life jacket and head out on Dad's boat, it's a ton of fun! There are usually a dozen or so dolphins that we can follow throughout the bay, it's pretty amazing!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Recent Pictures, A Few Favorites!

Ari playing in his "cage". It's something like 35 sq.ft. and sounds worse than it his, he really likes it!

Hanging out in the front yard, he loves to watch the bigger kids run around and ride bikes! And two of the neighbors have new pupppies that run up and lick his toes, he loves it.

I love this one, he is concentrating so hard. He also sees his reflection in the glass and is scratching his nose on the table!

A Typical Day

Well, yesterday was great! I don't think I made it out of my jammos (that's pajamas for those of you who aren't aware!) until three for four when I took a shower and promptly put on a clean pair! It was great! Gotta love being comfy cozy all day. Today is a pretty typical day for us. Ari woke up around eight, had breakfast and a little play time before his nap at 8:45. While he was asleep I had my own breakfast and did last nights dishes. He woke up from naptime at 11, had a bottle and helped me do a load of laundry. Well, I'm not sure how much of a help he was, all he did was chew on the socks - they were clean, I promise! He and I played until about 12:30 then it was down for another nap! I snoozed a bit too, shh-don't tell! Then it was shower time for me, Matt gets home at about 2:45 and has an amazing FOUR days off in a row! We have baby Gymboree class this afternoon with Ari. I have to go to Home Depot to pick up some random supplies for yet another project of mine. My groceries will be ready to be picked up at 6:30 then it's dinner, bath and bedtime for Ari. Luckily he still goes to bed at 7 so Matt and I usually get a chance to have a nice adult evening which usually consists of dinner, maybe a movie and then I get to scrapbook and he does whatever hobby intrests him that night!

Nothing big on the agenda for the rest of the week. I might try to get Tara to go to the Body World's exhibit with me tomorrow. Now that Robert's home we can get some girl time without babies!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gotta love lazy mornings

Don't you just love not having anything to do? It seems like the days that I have nothing on the list are the days that I get the most accomplished! Ari woke up super happy this morning... It's noon and he's already down for his second nap. We had a lazy breakfast, read the paper and clipped coupons and played on the floor before morning nap time. I was still pretty sleepy so I took a nap with him, when we woke up Robert, Tara and Hannah stopped by for a quick visit. Robert is home from India and hasn't seen any of Ari's latest tricks. When he left six weeks ago, both babies were barely mobile, now they are truckin' all over the house! Ari went down for another nap right after they left and I have had time to do a load of dishes, a load of laundry and check my email! Not to mention I am halfway finished with a ribbon storage project I started last night.

The fact that I have gotten all this done before noon might have something to do with the fact that when I went to turn on the TV this morning, nothing happened. Don't know why but it won't turn on?? It worked fine last night, I watched a cheesy Lindsay Lohan movie (I know, I know, there was NOTHING else on) and didn't have any problems. Maybe that's the problem... my TV is protesting for having to play a Lindsay Lohan movie, now it refuses to play anything at all. Guess we will have to bring the TV down from the guest room until we can buy another one. I guess it's a good thing I only watch about an hour of TV a week. Ari's going to have to forgo the baby einstien for a few days though until Matt gets home!

There really isn't that much going on this week. I was going to surprise Matt and take an impromptu family trip to the coast this week, but if we have to buy a new TV the trip might have to wait. We could stand to get some work done around the house too, we have to get the kitchen floor started this week. We decided that the kitchen is off limits for Ari due to the fact that there were puddles of dog urine on it when we moved in. I don't care how many times we have scrubbed it, I don't want him crawling on it. We can't really keep him out much longer though, especially when Matt's at work and I need to clean or cook. I am going to finish painting the kitchen cabinets today, I will post a picture as soon as I am done! The picture above is of the living room, quite possible my favorite room next to my master bath! We haven't finished the painting yet (surprise, surprise) but it's turning out nicely! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Little Birdie

This is my entry for the Crop Addict weekly challenge... The goal was to "scraplift" a layout from the CA gallery. I chose to lift Cheryl's layout entitled "A Little Dirt". I modified it slightly to fit my picture of Matt feeding Ari his dinner one night. He looks at you with his mouth wide open just waiting for you to put the food in. He's our little birdie for sure!

As for Ari's sleeping... It's improving slightly. We have been keeping him a little doped up on baby tylenol, without it his teeth really bother him. He cut his sixth tooth this morning... that's four teeth in two days, all right in a row (the top middle teeth and both eye teeth). He got his bottom front teeth a few weeks ago. He's looking much more like a little boy instead of a baby! Matt is home today, we're enjoying a lazy family day at home. Might run out to Michael's later, can't pass up the chance to use the 40% off coupon. I need some supplies for my Design Team project. I will keep the idea to myself for now, maybe you can sneek a peak when I get it started!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Whole World

Here is the layout I created for this week's Scrapdragons challenge. I submitted it this morning and the winner will be announced on the 15th. I had a great time putting it together and tried some new techniques that I've been eying lately. The journaling reads "To see the man I love holding our son is an amazing site. To know that our hands will shape the person he will become is more powerful than words can say." The title is I've got the whole WORLD in my HANDS.

Well, I figured out this morning why Ari has been waking up at all hours during the night... he is cutting THREE teeth at once, the two upper middle teeth and one of the upper eye teeth. No wonder the little guy has been crying. We will try some tylenol tonight and maybe a little baby orajel, hopefully he can get a good nights rest.

Matt gets home tonight and has two days off so hopefully I can get some errands run and maybe even a little scrapping done! Gotta get started on my design team layouts and projects!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What's the deal?

I am pulling my hair out... Ari has developed this nasty little habit of waking up every 2 hours at night. I don't know what to do... do I let him cry? do I rock him until he is calm? do I feed him a bottle? I feel like if I rock him or feed him he will never learn to self soothe and this habit will keep getting worse. On the other hand, if he's not sleeping then I'm not sleeping and a tired mommy is not a happy mommy. I put him to bed at 8 tonight, a little later than usual because of the cheer leading thing tonight, but he woke up at 10... I let him cry it out since I wasn't upstairs and he finally fell over at about 10:30. Literally, he fell over in a tiny heap in the corner of his crib closest to the door. I know exactly what he was doing, he pulled himself up to stand waiting for me to come in and make it all better. When I didn't he just gave up and fell over. Mission accomplished though, huh... he is sleeping soundly!

On a happier note... The kick off for the flag football cheer leading season was AWESOME! They had the giant 30 foot tall inflatable panther mouth that all of the kids could run/wheel out of just like at a real Panther's game. It was amazing to see all of the kids out there having so much fun! I will post a picture of the cheer squad! Practices are on Thursdays and games are Saturday mornings. I am really looking forward to getting to know these kids, they are adorable! Oh, and Ari was mesmerized by the Panther's cheerleaders. They were there with a few of the players and when they walked by he almost fell out of the stroller trying to watch them walk! Who did he get that from? We tried to get his picture with the girls and as soon as I put him on the ground he started crying! It was really cute! Guess he's not that crazy for cute girls after all (big sigh of relief!).

I'm going for it!

I have officially decided to try out for a scrapbook design team! I am a member of Crop Addict which is a site dedicated to scrapbook everything. Every month I get a kit of supplies in the mail and on their website there are sample layouts and projects that I can either copy or use for inspiration. I am going to try out to be one of the designers that come up with those layouts and projects. It's going to take some work and serious creativity but I am up for the challenge. Why not turn my hobby into something greater? Matt has supported me in this decision from the first time I mentioned it and has even said he will help more with Ari on his days off (how that's possible is beyond me since he helps so much already) so I can have dedicated scrap time during the day. Wish me luck, I am really excited to get this ball rolling.

Tonight I am headed to a kickoff meeting with Tara for the cheer leading team that we are coaching this year. They are a great group of girls with various physical and/or mental disabilities and I am really looking forward to being a part of this team. We get to meet our entire team (17 girls, WOW) and possibly a few of the Carolina Panthers players since they sponsor this league. I am taking the camera, hopefully I can get some photos and post them tomorrow so everyone can see!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the activities director of the retirement center in my neighborhood. We are hoping to use their grassy field for our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society party/fundraiser taking place in October. The event is coming together nicely, we have four bands lined up to play, a Nascar team with their car and the Charlotte Checkers hockey team may be able to loan us their mascot for the day! Wish me luck, my plate is filling up quickly but I am having a blast!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to Work

I thought I would share the layout I designed. My intent was to enter the Scrapdragon challenge but my brain totally flaked and I didn't enter in time. Oh well, at least I tried and I am pretty pleased with the end result. Matt even let me use airplane doodads! If you can't read the journaling it says "Don't let that smile fool you. Daddy's heart was breaking because he had to leave for the first time since you were born."

Welcome to the world of blogging

So I have been inspired to create a blog by my fellow scrappers at Crop Addict. I never thought having a blog would be something I would be interested in doing, but with my family all over the country and the birth of Ari I thought it would be a great way to stay in touch. Also, for selfish reasons, it's a great way to remember my daily events when it comes time to scrap them! Anyway, feel free to check in anytime... I hope this doesn't end up being too boring but with a very active 8 month old in the house, my days are anything but.