Monday, October 22, 2007

I've corrupted a friend!!!

Hehe, my friend Michelle sent an email today stating that she has started a blog! Like me, she has family and friends all over and sees it as a great way to stay in touch without having to repeat conversations with fifteen different people! The link's to the right, Michelle & Ella, if you're interested. She's a pretty amazing photographer and her daughter is gorgeous, I'm sure there will always be great photos to browse! She's actually responsible for the great photos on this layout, we all went pumpkin picking together!
Ari and I had a great day today. We had lunch with our friends Alice and Charlie and then went to visit Matt at the airport. He had three hours to kill in between flights so we met him for frozen yogurt. Ari had a few bites of the chocolate but I didn't want him to be wired since I'm solo tonight for the first time since my accident. I'm feeling much better but bathing Ari is still pretty impossible. Being on my knees bending over the side of the tub combined with trying to keep him in one place long enough to scrub is too much for my poor acheing back. *note the self pity there...* hehe. Really though, I'm feeling SO much better! I have Sharon to thank for that, without her I'd probably be in a wheelchair right now, and then an institution for going crazy at my mess of a house! Sharon, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!!!

On an even better note, I finally have the ability to scrap virtually pain free too! I did this layout last night for the felt challenge over at Crop Addict. The challenge was to use felt on a layout, the catch is that the felt had to be hand cut. I'm very pleased with the result, it's exactly how I'd pictured in my head. Fellow scrappers know how rare that is!

Ari's been asleep for about an hour, I'm going to do a load of dishes then it's serious scrap time until Matt gets home around ten. Oh, and for my fellow scrapping friends in Southern California, Debbie, Michelle, Tracey, Cindee, Angela... stay safe, those fires seem to be raging!


Lora said...

glad the pain is getting less. shoot... on my knees bending over the tub helping with a bath hurts me even WITHOUT an accident...

Anonymous said...

Love this layout , you have great clean lined designs, thats my kinda layouts ! Great job !