Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Really Great Day!

The kitchen floor in all it's completed and clean glory! It looks a million times better than what was there before! The cabinets are almost done, you can see in the corner one of the originals. All we have to do is paint that back wall and we will be DONE! Ari is beside himself having a whole new area to patrol! He crawled in circles for twenty minutes this morning while I packed Matt's lunch bag!

Today could not have been any better! Well, unless Matt were coming home from work instead of going to, that's about the only thing that would make it better! Ari slept in until almost 9am, unheard of lately! He was in a super mood until nap time at 9:45 then slept until almost noon! Matt and I had a great breakfast together before he had to get ready for work. In the interest of a little extra family time Ari and I took him to the airport. It shaves off about 25 minutes of his commute if he doesn't have to park in the employee lot and ride the bus to the terminal. After we dropped him off we headed up to Lake Norman... there is a scrap shop up there that I haven't been to in a while. Since we were half way there I figured why not? The drive is amazing, the first third winds along our lake (Lake Wylie), the middle is through the city (Charlotte) and the last part is right along Lake Norman. There were tons of boats out today enjoying the calm, cooler weather. Ari was PERFECT the whole time we were shopping, I think he was mesmerized by all the paper, so many bright colors! We came home and had tons of play time before dinner, bath and early bed since we skipped two naps with all of our travelling. He was OUT by 6:15... didn't even have enough energy to splash in the tub.

Call me crazy but I think tonight I am going to paint the family/hobby room. I should finish the kitchen and living room but I need a change of scenery. The rest of the furniture should be here for the family room in the next two weeks FINALLY! We have been waiting for it since July 3rd. Those who know me know how patient I am... or really not patient I am when it comes to something I want. Oh, and I really dislike paying for something that I don't have. Two more weeks, I can handle it! After that the downstairs will be nearly finished! I can't wait!

Tomorrow Ari and I are headed over to Tara's, she had surgery Friday and we are going to hang out and keep her and Hannah company. Monday is baby class at Gymboree, Matt gets home Tuesday, Wednesday is B.A.B.Y class at the hospital and Friday we are headed to Louisville for the weekend!

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