Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Here's my layout for this weeks design challenge. The challenge was to make a layout of your summer activites. There were so many things to chose from... all the trips we took (I think Ari has been on 20 or 22 flights since he was 2 months old!), buying the house, and of course Kira. We are finally to the point where we can have pictures up and talk about her without totally bursting into tears. Well, most of the time anyway. This was a fun challenge for me, there were so many elements to put together and still have a cohesive look, I think it works though.

Matt and I are going to tackle the kitchen floor today, I am super excited. The cabinets will be finished tonight. I will post a picture as soon as we are done.

Ari and I are going to Louisville next weekend, Matt will be there for work on a super long overnight. We will get to spend most of the day Sunday visiting before he has to report to the airport. Trying to squeeze in another PCB trip before it gets to cold or hurricainey to have any fun on the water. We bundle Ari in his baby life jacket and head out on Dad's boat, it's a ton of fun! There are usually a dozen or so dolphins that we can follow throughout the bay, it's pretty amazing!

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