Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know....

I know this is the second post for today but I was a bit distracted earlier. I was writing the post during one of Ari's fussy times this afternoon, Matt was totally taking care of it but I do not have the ability to focus on anything else when he is like that. Anyway...

I completely forgot to mention the fact that I won another contest today! It was one of the weekly contests on Crop Addict, my layout from Summer '07 was the winner! It's in my Picasa gallery if you would like to see it! I seem to be on a roll lately huh!!

I made another layout tonight after Ari went to sleep. I haven't been feeling very creative the past few days; needless to say I am pretty pleased with this one. The title treatment is puffy paint and a regular old marker! *I did cheat a bit and trace a few of the letters ;) Nobody's perfect huh. The photo is a bit blurry, I am completely impatient and wanted to post it tonight so I missed the natural light. You get the idea though.

Enough for today, Matt's itching to get back on the computer and Ari's doctor appt. is pretty early tomorrow so I am going to bed!

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