Friday, September 28, 2007

Our Big Guy!

We had Ari's appointment today and it could not have gone better! He was a perfect angel letting Dr. Trivette examine all of his pieces and parts. He is perfectly healthy, she manipulated his hips and couldn't feel anything out of place, his breathing is completely normal and he seems to be ahead of the curve on all of his developmental milestones. She was a bit shocked that he is already cruising!

For the fun info... he weighs a whopping 21 lbs 1 oz and is 28 inches long!! He is just below average for height and just above average for weight. He seems to be catching up, or slowing down I suppose! Now that he is mobile his weight gain really seems to be tapering off.

He has figured out how to throw his toys outside of the "cage" so as we speak he is standing at the side plopping all of his toys on the other side. Every time I look over to see what he's doing he just gives me this enormous grin and crinkles up his nose (Dick & Sharon, you know the face!)

We don't have a thing on the agenda today. I need to make a card for the Gardner's, the lawn could use a trim... other than that it's going to be a lazy day!

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MsGrace said...

So glad his check up went well. How funny with the tossing out of his toys.