Monday, September 24, 2007

What A Weekend!!

We made it home today!! I was sort of hoping we would make it home yesterday so Ari and I could go to his baby class at Gymboree today but no such luck. The flight was full and wouldn't you know that the last person RAN up to the gate two minutes before they would have let us on. Bummer... but I guess that's part of flying for free! We made it home with no problem today and since Mr. Bean woke up at 6:30 this morning he got a little extra "Grampa time" before Dick had to go to work. We spent the day with Sharon, took a little detour to Archiver's on the way to the airport.

We landed in Charlotte almost 35 minutes ahead of schedule... I had the window shade pulled up most of the flight so the light wouldn't wake Ari. I pulled it down when we landed (I was a little nauseous, whomever was flying was not using auto-pilot) and guess who taxi'd right by us... Matt!! I waved out the window like a crazy person but he didn't see us. Guess he was too busy driving an 80,000 lb. aircraft out to the runway. It was too cool to see him buzz right by us; he looked to professional with his headset on. I love that guy to pieces!!!

Ari and I are enjoying a lazy evening at home surrounded by our beloved toys! I am going to play with my new scrap goodies and Ari is playing with his toys like he's never seen them before. We are all having lunch with a friend tomorrow and hopefully I will have some new photos from our visit to post for you!

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