Thursday, September 13, 2007

I don't like teeth.

Let me clarify... I don't like teeth when they are coming in for the first time. Not that I have any idea what that actually feels like, but I can guess based on my eight month old's mood the past few weeks. He cut his SIXTH tooth THIS WEEK this morning and let me tell you, he was not happy about it. We learned very early on that Ari does nothing half way, it's all or nothing for this little guy. He didn't roll over until he was six months old but once he did he was rolling both directions all the way across the room. None of this roll once and get stuck business. He sat up for the first time just before six months and within two weeks was going from laying to sitting all by himself. Then came the crawling. One day he just took off. Once he was crawling it was a matter of days before he was pulling himself up to stand and now he cruises along any surface that will support him (and some that won't).

Long story short, he now has eight teeth, all new to his little mouth within the last three weeks. He is miserable. The doctor suggested giving him a frozen bagel to gnaw on to ease some of the discomfort... those of you that have seen the photos know how succesful THAT was. When Ari is miserable, we are all pretty miserable. I have been fighting a severely nauseating headache all week and Matt's so tired he fell asleep at the computer last night. Hopefully things will calm down a bit in Ari's mouth and we can all get some much needed rest and relaxation.

I posted a new layout to my Crop Addict gallery today. It's going to be one of the layouts that I submit for the DT call. I am incredibly pleased with the result. It's one of my favorite memories, now I can truly enjoy not only the photo but the story behind it. If you would like to see it, click on the Crop Addict link to the right, go to the gallery and my username is morganj99. Once there, you can see all of the layouts I have submitted!

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