Monday, September 17, 2007

Uuggh, Mondays...

Monday's aren't my favorite. Today was no exception. Ari has been exceptionally cranky lately and today was not one of his best. He did have a really great time a Gymboree though! The transition to the level 2 class was rough for him. The class was right in the middle of his nap time and now that we live at the lake the drive is about 35 minutes. We switched to Mondays at 3 pm so we head out the door as soon as he wakes up from his midday nap. It seems to be working pretty well. Today he had a blast with his friends Maddie, Lia, & Lorenzo. They are all the same age (just a three week spread between them) so their skill levels are similar. I think the classes are just as fun for me as they are him. We are going to music class tomorrow morning, it's the first one we've been to so I will take the camera.

On another note... I did some research on the wierd bushes we have in the front yard. Turns out they are miniature holly trees. So, within the coming months we will be ripping those out seeing as they're poisonous and all. *A little rant* What kind of moron plants holly trees with a child in the house? I'm talking about the previous owners... Matt and I know to do a little research and eliminate as many of the poisoning hazards as possible. I know the old owners had a kid too, because there were toys left in the back yard and you could tell which room was his. OK, Just had to get that out, I'm alright now!

You probably noticed the layout above. It's my latest creation! I got my September kit from Crop Addict and had to use it right away. I love how this one turned out, just like I pictured it in my head which is rare! It showcases some of my "mom secrets", even though most of them aren't really secrets. It's pretty obvious that I spend too much on his clothes, and of course I think he's the cutest baby ever! I love those photos of him too, we took them in the yard yesterday. He just loves being outside.

Tomorrow should be fun, we have baby music in the morning, a lazy afternoon at home and Matt gets home in the evening! Can't wait to have him home... I already have some projects planned for him! Hehehe...

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