Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm going for it!

I have officially decided to try out for a scrapbook design team! I am a member of Crop Addict which is a site dedicated to scrapbook everything. Every month I get a kit of supplies in the mail and on their website there are sample layouts and projects that I can either copy or use for inspiration. I am going to try out to be one of the designers that come up with those layouts and projects. It's going to take some work and serious creativity but I am up for the challenge. Why not turn my hobby into something greater? Matt has supported me in this decision from the first time I mentioned it and has even said he will help more with Ari on his days off (how that's possible is beyond me since he helps so much already) so I can have dedicated scrap time during the day. Wish me luck, I am really excited to get this ball rolling.

Tonight I am headed to a kickoff meeting with Tara for the cheer leading team that we are coaching this year. They are a great group of girls with various physical and/or mental disabilities and I am really looking forward to being a part of this team. We get to meet our entire team (17 girls, WOW) and possibly a few of the Carolina Panthers players since they sponsor this league. I am taking the camera, hopefully I can get some photos and post them tomorrow so everyone can see!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the activities director of the retirement center in my neighborhood. We are hoping to use their grassy field for our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society party/fundraiser taking place in October. The event is coming together nicely, we have four bands lined up to play, a Nascar team with their car and the Charlotte Checkers hockey team may be able to loan us their mascot for the day! Wish me luck, my plate is filling up quickly but I am having a blast!

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