Friday, September 7, 2007

My Little Birdie

This is my entry for the Crop Addict weekly challenge... The goal was to "scraplift" a layout from the CA gallery. I chose to lift Cheryl's layout entitled "A Little Dirt". I modified it slightly to fit my picture of Matt feeding Ari his dinner one night. He looks at you with his mouth wide open just waiting for you to put the food in. He's our little birdie for sure!

As for Ari's sleeping... It's improving slightly. We have been keeping him a little doped up on baby tylenol, without it his teeth really bother him. He cut his sixth tooth this morning... that's four teeth in two days, all right in a row (the top middle teeth and both eye teeth). He got his bottom front teeth a few weeks ago. He's looking much more like a little boy instead of a baby! Matt is home today, we're enjoying a lazy family day at home. Might run out to Michael's later, can't pass up the chance to use the 40% off coupon. I need some supplies for my Design Team project. I will keep the idea to myself for now, maybe you can sneek a peak when I get it started!

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