Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Thurdsay already??

Where did this week go?? I can't beleive it's Thursday. There really isn't that much to write, we have had a pretty typical week. Matt arrived home late Tuesday evening. Yesterday Ari and I had B.A.B.Y. class at the hospital and I ran some errands that afternoon. Baby-free errands are SO much easier and less time consuming plus Matt had some "daddy time" with Ari. We worked in the yard in the evening. Nothing big, just some mowing and trimming. We are going to wait until next month to do any major yard renovations. I would like to have the garage organized in the near future... it's a completely unusable space right now.

I have included pictures of Ari's play cage... many of you have inquired as to what I am talking about and I want to ease your fears that we put our baby in an actual cage! Also, my scrap corner! I LOVE having all this space to create. Ignore the yucky walls and the lack of curtains, we are working on that. Also, my latest layout. It's for the Scrapdragons challenge. We had to use the sketch they provided for inspiration. I realized that I have never done a page just about me and thought it might be time.

Today is pretty low key. Matt was up WAY to late last night playing on the computer and is now sleeping. Ari is down for a nap so I think I might tackle some baby unfriendly tasks around here before he wakes. Tomorrow we head out to Lousville for the weekend. We will be back Sunday evening. Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are sure looking forward to ours!

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