Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I apologize for the snarky post the other day, I just get really irked when people are unreasonable. After I posted that she must have come to her senses because I get an email that says they'll refund me $5 and appreciate my business. Too little too late but that's ok.

I'm super exhausted, today was sort of a fun but strange day. Matt called last night from Indianapolis and said he was on his way home! He was supposed to be on a 4 day trip until Wednesday night but apparently there were some massive weather issues in New York (which is where he was flying) so they cancelled his flights and he got to spend the day at home today! With pay!!! He has to go back tomorrow to finish his trip but he should be able to go to Gymboree with us so that's a plus! We did a little shopping, had lunch at McAlisters... yadda yadda.

I went to Michelle's this evening for a little "me" time, took some scrappy supplies and made a mini album. It still needs a little tweaking but I'm proud of my progress! We're going to try to make that a regular thing, time to ourselves, we'll see how it pans out.

I have pictures and a video to post but tonight is not the night. I have got to get some sleep, I can barely type. I think I've hit the backspace button about every other letter. Sorry for any typos, I'll be more interesting tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

LOL, im glad they gave you a refund, but right , i still wont shop from them now !
Oh cool, i cant wait to see your mini album, me time is a must, hard to find, but a must ! I feel pretty uninteresting too this week, at least you updated ! LOL.... maybe later or tomorrow i will , lol ....
My dad is now looking at land in some place called Tega Cay ( sp ? ) , i will be emailing ya , i keep saying that, but it will happen ! Michael had 2 ear infections so im all off schedule ! LOL ...
Have a great weekend :)

bruinbr said...

glad to hear they gave you a refund, but you're right about too little too late! :P

Can't wait to see your mini album! :)