Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Day!

Those of you that know me personally know that I am not the most patient person, especially when it comes to gift giving. I get so excited knowing I've chosen a great gift and half the fun for me is the reaction, the act of giving and knowing that I'm making someone I love very happy. Well, Matt's birthday is July 17th and we will be in Wisconsin so I decided we would celebrate early. There's no sense in packing his gift when we have so much to bring already, right? So, the early part... today was just as good a day as any! I know, I'm horrible but look at that face?

I honestly cannot remember the last time he was SO excited about something, maybe the day Ari was born. Matt is the proud new owner of an RC Car, it has some sort of name but even if I could remember I doubt those of you that read my blog would have any clue what I was talking about. The thing is pretty cool, it goes like 50 miles per hour and does all sorts of other cool guy things. My hubs is in heaven, he's been tinkering with it all day and is out racing up the street as we "speak".

Ari and I were out there with him for a little while but it is HOT! Like, really hot! I had Ari in his wagon, one: he loves it and two: I didn't feel like baby wrangling in 100 degree heat! He kept standing up in it and I'd say "sit down!". He'd look at me, point and say "dit dow!" It cracks me up how he can be so cute and so troublesome at the same time! Matt and I were talking about the car and he was standing in the wagon saying "dit dow, dit dow, dit dow" over and over! Adorable! He started to get restless and I was about to die of heat stroke so we came inside for a "moodie" (Baby Einstien movie) with "duts" (ducks).

It's now bed time for Bean, he's saying "Ari nigh nigh" which means if we don't listen full on meltdown is very near! Later gators!


Ella & Michelle said...

Love the expression on Matt's face! He looks so determined and like a big kid. Ari is talking so much now! He's trying to catch up to Ella :)

Michelle Lanning said...

Love the pics of Ari - he is so darling! And yup Matt looks like a big kid -- aren't those the best gifts?

Jen said...

Morgan, Ari is so adorable! Love those baby cheeks:) I am with you on the gift giving...I can never keep dh's gift if I know its something he will love.