Friday, June 13, 2008


We've been trying to get up to Lazy 5 Ranch forever, today finally worked for us. We met Alice & Charlie and Michelle & Ella at Panera where we ordered lunch to go. We thought a picnic once we got up there would be fun. It was SO hot, today was supposed to be cooler but it didn't turn out that way. The babies really weren't interested in eating so we headed out for our Safari. Originally we had planned on a horse drawn wagon ride but after careful consideration (Michelle and myself not wanting to get eaten by an ostrich) we chose to drive my car. Ari sat in his seat and Ella and Charlie rode on laps. I was immediately glad to have my window when no sooner than we get through the gate a massive ostrich RUNS up to my window and pecks the crap out of it. As terrifying as it was we were all laughing. We drove on through and had the greatest time. Michelle and Alice bought feed buckets, you basically just roll down your window and the animals literally stick their heads in your car and grab a mouthfull! One of the animals came up and stuck it's head in Michelle's window (a cow or something like it, sorry I'm not up on my safari terminology) and Ella freaked out and dove head first into my lap. SO cute!! She was screaming, "daddy, daddy" (that's what she's decided my name should be, by the way).

Anyway, we had an amazing time. It was so oppresively hot but still fun. We're definately going again! OH, I almost forgot... they give you this little pamphlet when you go in that says Don't Feed the Cows with the big horns... it said some other stuff but that's not relevant. We're driving along and see these really cute little pigs so we roll the window down and toss some feed out. Well, the herd of Really BIG Cows see the feed and decide they want some too. I'm mashing my hand on the window button and putting the car in gear and Michelle says "wait, I wanna get a picture". Um, hello... massive bull with horns that can kill us headed right this way. I seriously thought he was going to ram the car, I almost screamed. He just wanted the food but still, NOT FUN!

Enough of my babbling... if you're ever in the Charlotte area I highly recommend Lazy 5 Ranch. It's only 8 bucks and SO worth every penny!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what great photos ! I cant wait to check it out with you guys some day !
Im glad you guys had fun ! LOL to Michelle , im always wanting that hard to get photo too ! LOL .....
Look at how cute Ari is !
Have a good weekend :)