Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eventfull Days!

It has been a fun week around here! We've had activities planned nearly every day and I am truly loving the chance to spend some quality time with my guys. Yesterday we headed to the pool with Michelle and Ella. It was actually the first time Matt has been in the water with Ari since last summer! Every time we've either been swimming or at the beach Matt's been at work. We had such a good time, Ella was twirling in her floatie trying to "teach" Ari how to kick and spin. We were all laughing and splashing around and just enjoying the water. I conciously decided to leave the camera behind and just enjoy the day, I got to swim and relax and catch some rays with no worries of getting the perfect picture. It was completely stress free and relaxing!

After swimming we had planned on going to this "carnival type thing" that a friend told me about. She said there was live music and vendors and a playground that Ari would love. We got there and a. the music didn't start until 7 which is Ari's bedtime, b. the only vendor was selling beer and c. the playground was designed for kids at least 8-10 years old. Nothing even remotely toddler friendly anywhere to be seen. And it started to storm so we grabbed dinner at Brixx and headed home. I felt SO bad, Michelle and Ella were going to go with us and it was a total bomb. I learned my lesson though, research does pay off! I tried to look up this event and couldn't find it anywhere... guess that's because it really didn't exist the way I thought!

Ari had a rough night last night, he woke up several times with stomach pain. I felt so bad, we had to just let him cry it out. He finally went down around midnight and stayed asleep until 7:30 this morning. We had breakfast and played for a bit then I put him in his crib for morning nap. He talked and talked for about an hour until we had to leave, not once closing his eyes for a nap.

We went to Monkey Joe's this morning. Michelle is doing some freelance work for a local moms website and they were having a party today so we all went. It was a blast! The entire room was full of different inflatable play areas, Ari and Ella were both pretty terrified at first but sort of warmed up to it once Matt and I went in with them. Ella is comfortable pretty much anywhere and had fun bouncing and climbing but Ari didn't want to let go of our hands the whole time. We took him on some big slides but it was tiring climbing to the top. After cake and punch we headed home, no nap meant total meltdown and didn't have the energy to fight with him. Again, no pictures. This time it wasn't on purpose though, my camera battery died on the first shot!

We had a little half birthday thing planned for him this afternoon, I was going to make half a cake for him but I'm having second thoughts. We tried to give him some of the Monkey Joe's cake and he hit me... not sure if I want to go to all the trouble just to have him throw a fit. We'll see, I feel bad not doing anything for him. I just put him down for a nap and am going to clean out the baby pool so he can splash when he wakes up.


Ella & Michelle said...

I just sent you some pictures! I didn't get that many, but like we need more!

Laura S. said...

sounds like you are having fun.