Saturday, June 7, 2008

it's hot.

Seriously, it was 105 today. For the third day in a row. Enough is enough. I was dead set against paying $250 to join the pool this summer but if this is any indication how our summer is going to be I'm doin' it. I'll sell stuff on eBay if I have to, we can't even be in the back yard. Ari's toys are so hot it melts your skin. The low this weekend is 88, the LOW...

Anyway, we've been hanging out in the house for the past few days. Poor Ari is going stir crazy I think but we built a few tunnels and a fort in the living room the other day, he had fun. Oh, big news. The little man can eat off a fork! We were at PeiWei for an early dinner after PlayGym the other day, I gave him a fork to keep him occupied and he went to town. So cute!

In other news: he's movin' up! To the guest room. It's bigger, more room for all his junk. I'm getting excited about it, this room has a huge vaulted ceiling and neat lines, we're going to paint some murals and such on his wall. I'll take plenty of pictures when I get started but I think I need to finish some other projects before I start anything else. I'm good at that, the starting. It's the finishing that I seem to have issues with. Our bathroom floor still isn't done. Oh well.

No plans for the rest of the weekend. We may head up to Northlake tomorrow to go to the inside playground and fountains. I don't know though, Ari was terrified of the fountains this Florida trip, I'm not sure I want to drive up there only to chase him through the parking lot. If we go you'll definately see pictures.

I think I'm going to start a few scrappy projects tonight. I started re-reading New Moon, I see myself finishing it in the bubble bath tonight with a bowl of muddy buddies. Good thing I bought a one-piece bathing suit with spandex for the summer!!


Anonymous said...

LOL ! One only knows if i will make it into a bathing suit !
I may bathe with muddy buddies too ! I just started Twilight :)
Tell me about it , it was 97 and MUGGY today , and is supposed to be for the next 4 days, i sure hope Laura has Air conditioning in her house ! LOL .... Cant wait to see your scrappy projects :) Have a "cool" rest of the weekend !
Hugs !
Jenn :)
I will probably not get to email ya till Mondayish, the weekend just got away and i will be gone to Laura's , she lives like an hour and 20 mintues away .

Ella & Michelle said...

He looks so cute! I love the colors in the pics. Those will be fun to scrap with the About a Boy line! said...

WTG Ari!!!

Nicole said...

Go Ari! Go Ari!

Try to stay cool Morgan!