Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm not lazy...

I have been SO busy the past couple days! You can tell as soon as you walk in the front door that housework has not been on my list of priorities! I still have decoraions from Ari's party up... sheesh! I haven't touched the Christmas decor, it's still in full swing. We dug out a bunch of Ari's baby "stuff" while Brad and Em were here for Ethan and I thought, "hey, why not just pull out all of it, organize it and store it for good." Yeah, not as easy-peasy as I was planning! We have four of the giant 66-quart plastic bins full of clothes and one full of toys! This is all for a one year old! Actually, it's nine months worth because he still fits in his 9-12 month stuff! Crazy I tell ya, and no one believes me that he doesn't need a thing. I think my major summer project is going to be a closet system for his room, there is so much wasted space in there it's not funny. We do have lots of room to store the toys he got for Christmas and his birthday now though, so it's really nice not to be tripping over so many of them.

I've actually gotten some serious scrap time the past two days as well. Ari's teething which means he goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 each night, WooHoo!!! That's some serious mommy time for sure. Matt is enjoying his evenings of freedom as well now that I'm not completely riding him to get the house ready for company! Here's some of the stuff I've created the past two days...

This one is for last month's Scrapdragons challenge to scrap your guilty pleasure. I have so many but I really wanted to scrap the photo of my Starbucks! It really is cheap therapy, I tell Matt all the time, "I need Starbucks then I'll feel better ;)"

This one is using supplies from the Crop Addict December kit. This kit is SO awesome, the colors were perfect for the Christmas beach photos of our trip to my dads!

So, I woke up this morning to Matt nudging my shoulder and pointing at the clock... today is Wednesday which means Gymboree at 10:05. To be there in time we have to be pulling out of the driveway at 9:30... yeah, when I finally pulled my eyelids apart and looked at the clock it was 9:18!! That's right, Ari decided to snooze the morning away the one time we needed him to be up at his normal time. He's our natural alarm clock rarely sleeping past 8 or 8:30. Needless to say we were a little late. We still made it though, Matt sat in the back seat and fed Ari his breakfast in the car.

After class we had brunch at Eddie's place then ran a few errands. Ari was wiped out when we got home, too tired to nap so we let him watch some Baby Einstein. Look how intently he was watching, don't you just love that face!

He insisted on sitting at his new "big boy" table. Dick and Sharon got it for him for his birthday, it's the cutest thing! Never mind the bite marks already on the edge (oh I was so mad when I saw that today).

Ok, I'm almost done... I have to leave you with our fabulous dinner tonight. Brad and Emily left us with some Omaha steaks as a host/hostess gift so Matt fired up the grill tonight!

We had the steak with a yummy garlic gorgonzola cream sauce, steamed broccoli with sea salt and toasted pine nut cous cous.

Oh, and the wine!

To top it all off we ate in the family room on the floor! Yeah, I know... but it's been a long day and if you eat on the floor you don't have to have any manners! Hehe, goodnight!


Lora said...

LOL! I love your reasoning of eating on the floor. I know those bite marks made you mad now, but in 4 years when he still uses that table and his baby teeth are getting loose... you'll look at those little baby teeth marks and want to cry at how fast he's grown up.

Deanna said...

uh, where do I start??? Okay, Ari is so stinkin' cute! just precious! LOVE the dinner you made, sounds quite tasty! And decorations? yep, mine are just now starting to come down, so don't worry. You're not the only one! Hope you have happy scrap time! :) Those LOs are great!

kim said...

mmmm.... steak! and how cute is Ari!? Love the lo at the beach for Christmas! You have inspired me to cook more!

Ella & Michelle said...

The pic of him leaning his head on the table is my favorite of all pics! It is tooooo cute. I like what you did to the beach layout. Have I told you lately how talented you are?