Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A better day

Ari was better today! I appreciate the comments that were left, thank you. I too thought he may be sleeping too much throughout the day so Matt and I tried to cut his naps down. Um, not such a good idea... he was miserably cranky for a week and it was getting to the point where he refused to eat dinner. We gave him his third nap back, he's now eating dinner every night and sleeping 12-13 hours at night. I think he's just one of those freak babies that needs a huge amount of sleep to function. *not that my child is a freak, it's just a saying* We are pretty flexible with his naps (obviously, or I'd never be able to leave the house), he can function with two, any less than that though and we end up with yesterday's fiasco.

So, that being said, we are STILL trying to get the pediatrician crap worked out, I'm going in person tomorrow to make his appt. so that's good! We have Gymboree in the morning, brunch with Michelle and Ella after then I'm going with Michelle to do some scrapping at her house. I've still got some DT stuff to put the finishing touches on as well as some other fun projects. It's been a long day, I'm going up to the bath to read my new 601 scrappy book! Here's some scrappy eye candy to hold you over until I return... *the favorite things is an altered book to hold clippings from my favorite scrap mags, takes up WAY less space on my shelves than a stack of old magazines* Good Night everyone ;)

Oh, and of course a cute picture of Ari... it wouldn't be an acceptable blog post without his adorable face in here somewhere!! He and Matt were playing "Baby Godzilla" saving teddy from the crashing blocks, the crashing was a little much though and Ari started to cry... looks like we'll have to wait a few more months for the blocks!


Chrissy Le said...

Glad Ari is doing better for you! You're right, every baby is different with naps, do what's best for Ari! Those layouts are so cute! I love the colors in the second one. Totally in love with orange!

Nicole said...

Good to hear Ari is better. Love your Projects!