Sunday, January 6, 2008

Girl Day Out!!

I don't know what the deal was with feeling yucky. It may have something to do with the fact that it's FREEZING here and Ari's not been sleeping too well which means I don't sleep well either. Matt's had a few days off though and been a huge sweetheart letting me sleep 'til noon today! Oh, and I got the whole day to myself to do as I pleased. I chose to go shopping, surprise surprise! I did very well though only buying candles at Pier1 (75% off, heck yeah), some river rock to go with the candles and some clearance books at Barnes & Noble! I also got 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas from Memory Makers... so many of my scrappy friends are published in it, I had to have it! I love it so far, I plan to dive all the way in during a bubble bath tomorrow.

I've been inspired by Virginia to go through all my scrappy mags, pull out the pages that inspire me the most then get rid of them. She pointed out that they don't really do us any good if all they do is sit on a shelf. I completely agree and when I'm done with them they are getting passed along to Michelle! What a way to be a little green, huh!

Needless to say, with all the shopping and purging of magazines there hasn't really been a ton of time left to scrap. My inspiration is not lacking at all though and I'm sure I'll get a TON done this weekend. I did manage to hang curtains in our bedroom, it's been so freakin' cold I thought they'd help keep us a little cozier. I hung them quickly to see how they would look, I still need to finish the bottom part and iron them before they can go up for good. Probably tomorrow.

Luckily Matt doesn't have to go to work until 7 pm tomorrow and he's home by 8 am Monday morning! He'll be able to go to Ari's orthopedic surgeon appt. with us Monday. Now that Ari is mobile Dr. Casey wants to ultrasound his hips to make sure the tissue is still healing properly and not deteriorating in any way. I'm incredibly optimistic that he's still 100% and that this will just be one more appt. behind us. His one year check up still needs to be scheduled, we've switched ped's and I need to fill out some paperwork before they'll schedule him. We attempted to do this yesterday but got miserably lost and gave up because we were hungry. We ate lunch at McAlister's then just came home. I'll try again Monday or Tuesday, this time actually taking the directions with me...

I have many a scrap projects up my sleeve, stay tuned! Oh, and if you want to be part of a totally awesome Share The Love RAK at Crop Addict, go HERE to participate. The details are explained in the thread, everyone is extremely generous so you won't want to miss out!

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Rachael said...

Your shopping day sounds wonderful!!!

happy new year!