Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick Fire Update

We've had so many calls and emails from people concerned about us, I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words! We are fine, the damage to our house didn't look nearly as bad in the daylight. Our insurance adjuster will be here today to to a survey and send out a professional inspector. There is some water damage, my main concern is mold/mildew down the road so we want to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

The neighbors are doing very well despite the circumstances, they are in good spirits and trying to maintain a positive outlook. We have had hundreds of phone calls and emails from people willing to donate anything and everything, it's been great. I was very, very happy to hear that the family is going to rebuild here as long as they can change the floorplan of the house (which really shouldn't be a problem considering everything will need to be demolished).

Things are going to be crazy busy around here. I am the only one on our street that doesn't work outside the home so I have volunteered to be a point of contact, our house is donation central and the boys will be getting of the school bus here every afternoon. The parents both work full time, transportation was a huge issue and I am glad I can be here for them!

I know several people have been asking if we know the cause of the fire and if we have pictures as well. Out of respect for the family we are not publishing any photos or releasing any information related to the fire. We were required to take pictures by our insurance company but they are going to stay private. Thank you for understanding, we are really trying to put ourselves in their shoes and I don't know that I would want pictures floating around everywhere of such a tragic event.

Again, thank you so much for your concern. We are working on setting up a donation account at a local bank, I will publish the information as it becomes available. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in helping this family please contact me via email at for detailed information.


bruinbr said...

it is so sweet and wonderful of you to do all this Morgan! Sounds like you have an amazing neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Morgan, i was wondering all last night . Im so glad you are helping out with the kids and all, you are so wonderful and its great when people come together in times of need , its really wonderful. So awful, i cant stop thinking about those dogs .... Im glad they will rebuild by you , they are lucky to have such great neighbors . So chilling how things can just change in the blink of an eye. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and them . I hope they are able to get a new home just as soon as possible . Take care and again, im thinking of you all . (((((((HUGS)))))))

Ella & Michelle said...

Some friends of mine in Wilmington said to tell the family they are thinking & praying for them. How did the inspection go today? I never heard back from you. I hope it went well and there's not too much damage to your house. Are you still going out of town this weekend or are you staying in?