Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Storms a comin'...

I am seriously cracking up!!! The weather people have been on all day warning us about this HUGE winter storm that's coming right for us. Seriously, it's 11 pm and we haven't seen a single snowflake yet but schools are already delayed and closing... can you believe it?! I grew up in Ohio, this "storm" wouldn't have even made the news up there! Supposedly road crews are on call all night for the possible one inch of snow that's predicted. I've not laughed this hard in a few days, at least all of this is good for something!

Today was a pretty typical Wednesday around here. We went to Gymboree this morning, class was super fun as always. There were a lot of toddlers there, I think everyone is finally back from their holiday travels. After class we were walking to the car so we could meet Michelle and Ella over at Eddie's Place for brunch and as Matt is opening the door I look up and see a familiar face! My old roomate from my days as a Flight Attendant, Trevor, is standing in front of our car with his wife and little girl! Trevor was hired as a Pilot the same time as me and we were in training together for two months, then we both ended up based in Akron (along with several other classmates) so we shared a crash pad for two years! He and his wife moved to Charlotte and we've been in the same Gymboree class for months. I didn't even recognize Deanna, you really don't expect people you knew from another state to be in the same baby class as you! It sure is a small world. We're going to get together for dinner soon, their daughter is only about 6 weeks older than Ari!

We were supposed to have Ari's one year check-up today but my car tire has had a slow leak for the past week or so, today the leak was not so slow anymore. Matt took it in for new tires and we moved the appt. to tomorrow! I'll be sure to give you all the fun details of shots, measurments, etc. as soon as we get home. I've been scrapping like mad with the Crop Addict February kit, the gallery will be open on Saturday! Stay tuned to my blog for some sneek peeks later this week, this kit is gorgeous and you won't want to miss it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Morgan ! Can you email me , i have a question for ya ! My email is ..... thanks ! Jenn :)

And that is so weird about the people from 2 states !
Have a great one !

Chrissy Le said...

Can't wait to see your layouts! BTW, the MM buttons are HERE! I'm splitting them up as we speak and I will be sending it out on Saturday for ya!

kim said...

Can't wait to your reveal of the Feb Crop Addict kit! :) Sorry about your tire! Hope Ari's shots & check-up went OK today :)