Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What goes up must come down

Ari and I woke up with Matt this morning so we could all have breakfast as a family before Matt had to head off to the airport. It was so nice, I made cinnamon rolls [yummy] and we were all cozy in our pj's! Matt headed out and we got ready to go to B.A.B.Y. class. It's given at the hospital where Ari was born, we've been going since he was six weeks old. We got all the way there (it's about 40 minutes from the new house) only to find out that class time was moved! Such a bummer. I started thinking about it and I don't think we're going to go anymore. It's not the same now that most of the babies are older, I don't seem to get as much out of it as I used to. That, and with our Gymboree classes and various other activities that take place during the week it gets a little over-scheduled. I think it will be nice to have an extra morning to snooze and be lazy around the house.

Since we missed class we decided to meet Matt for lunch again. Nothing fancy, we ate at Chili's in the airport and hung out until his next flight. After we saw Matt off Ari and I (ok, I) decided that it would be super fun to go to ScrapShack! Hehe, I got a few new things, not a lot though since we're on a pretty tight budget this month. SO many bills due and we're trying to start holiday shopping. Not to mention Ari's upcoming birthday... I'm nervous about all the shopping. Beleive it or not, I really don't like to spend mass amounts of money all at one time. Oh well, such is life and I guess that's what we get for wanting a baby NOW and getting our wish!! I am really looking forward to the holiday season, so much so that we are having some photos taken Friday for our holiday cards!! I may or may not post them, I don't want to ruin the cards. I'm off to finish up some laundry then it's straight to my scrap table, I'm going through some serious scrappy withdrawl!! Have fun all...


Ella & Michelle said...

That sucks about your class. I checked and I'm free on Friday. Do you want me to bring any backdrops? I have white and black. I don't think the blue/purple one would work for holiday pics. What time do you want to do it?

MsGrace said...

too bad aboutyour class. I totally hear you about budgets & wanting to spread the spending out. For us with four kids Christmas can get crazy.