Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tissues, NyQuil and Cough Drops... Oh My!

I think I'm finally starting to get over this cold. I'm still stuffy and coughing but it's definately not as bad today as it has been! Unfortunately Matt is sick now though, so it's not all the way out of the house yet. We've both been taking medicine around the clock, drinking tons of fluids and I bought an entire box of clementines to pump up our vitamin C intake! Despite our ickyness we were able to hang the curtains I bought yesterday in our front room. The front room is very multi-purpose for us; it's where Ari plays, I scrap, Matt computes and we all watch TV. Needless to say we spend a LOT of time in here and it's just now starting to feel like home!

After the curtains were up I sat down at my very messy scrap table and made my advent calendar. I found it at Target, it's a kit from Making Memories. It came with the plain red box, pre cut patterened papers, buttons, holly leaves, poinsettias and rub-ons. I love how it turned out, I still have a little bit of sanding and inking to do but other than that it's done, and it only took about an hour!!

I've never had an advent calendar but I love the idea of chocolates every day!! Speaking of chocolates, I bought Matt a box yesterday to thank him for everything he's been doing around here this past week. He jumped right in and took care of Ari, the house and me while I was sick. I literally did nothing for two days and it was fabulous! He was pretty excited about the chocolates, half the box is gone already! Guess it's my turn to take care of him now... maybe I will get some candy too!

We are going to be lazy tonight, much like the rest of our week. It's Thursday which means CSI and ER for me. Matt got a new computer game at Target the other day so I'm sure he'll be glued to the screen for the rest of the night. I have some scrapping to do tomorrow, not to mention cleaning this house. Brian (the brother) gets here Monday and I don't want to have to clean while he's here!!


MsGrace said...

cute advent calender!!
Yeah for feeling better & yeah for matt being such a good guy!

Jana Eubank said...

Cute advent! You deserved your two days off. ;)

Nicole said...

That advent calendar Rocks! Love it Morgan!

Deanna said...

i'm not kidding when i say that i want that advent! You've gotta tell us where you got your supplies. It's gorgeous!

Christina said...

What a cutie, Morgan!!! I miss my kiddos being that small!! Won't be long and I'll have another little one bein' a cutie too!!

That advent calendar is too cute!! Girl you are a scrappin nut!! When I'm under the weather, I don't evan want to think about scrapping and look what YOU do in one afternoon!!

Hope your feeling better!! :)

Kim said...

That advent calendar is way cute! Love it!!