Friday, November 2, 2007

Super Fun Day

This is going to be a fairly quick post, Matt's parent's are coming to visit this weekend and their flight lands in about 45 minutes. We had such a great day today! Ari was super happy, more like his old cheerful self! We went to Discovery Place to see the Body Worlds exhibit by Gunter Von Hagen. It was AWESOME!! Not sure if you are familiar with the exhibit but this guy (Gunter) invented a technique called "plastination". It's a way of injecting every miniature part of the human body thus preserving it for eternity. The point of this wonderful invention is that we as "regular people" can see the inside of a real human body, up close and personal. More about that later, it's just by far the coolest thing I have ever seen!

We went with our friends Michelle, Ella, Alice and Charlie. The babies were all a little edgy through the exhibit but after the adults were done looking we all went downstairs to the aquarium and play area. The babies totally perked up and played very nicely together for quite a while, we were there for over three hours with no naps. Impressive for a group of sleep deprived ten month olds! Ella and Charlie are boycotting their naps as well, glad to know Ari has some company!

We're going to hang out this weekend, very low key. My back is super achey after today and my next therapy appt. is Monday so I am going to try to kick back this weekend. If I don't update this weekend I definately will Monday. Alice is going to email me photos from today since my camera died, hopefully I can post them! Enjoy your days everyone!


Michelle Lanning said...

wow that sounds really cool - and boy I am sad I never had those napping days with Alyson - never a napper:)

Theresa Tyree said...

I went to Body World's 3 last weekend!! Are you near St. Louis?? Isn't it just so cool??

Thanks for visiting the ole blog. Inquiring minds, wanna know- did you try licking your elbow too? LOLOLOL!!!!!

bruinbr said...

I saw Body Worlds when it was in LA - very, very cool stuff! Hope you had fun with the in-laws :)