Friday, November 16, 2007

Chilly Willy

It's super cold outside! A cold front rolled on in yesterday... it went from near 80 to 30 degrees in about 12 hours, ouch! Cold fronts are usually accompanied by lots of wind, which was great since I hadn't gotten a chance to rake the yard yet. All the leaves were blown into the neighbors yard (which is fine, they aren't very nice) and those that remained were quickly hauled away by two little kids and their wagon!

Some of you may know, the camera is finally here!! We waited yesterday until after 5 and finally decided to run out to the store for dinner supplies. On our way out of the neighborhood we passed the UPS truck. Of course, we did a U turn in the street and followed him back to the house. I am loving it!! First thing tomorrow I'm gonna put some pics on here, Matt's dying to get on here so I'm keeping this short.

I'm going to paint the family room tonight, or at least one or two walls. I'm hoping to have it done before we leave on Monday. Hope you all have a nice Friday night, talk to you in the morning!!


Kelly said...

woo-hoo for new cameras! I bet you haven't put it down yet!

bruinbr said...

where are those pics!? ;)

hope you got most of the painting done too! Have a great weekend!