Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Today is one of those great days, so far! Ari slept in until 8 this morning, which is pleasantly happening more often. We headed out to Eddie's Place for brunch with Michelle & Ella, I had french toast [yum]! Ella ate pancakes, we tried to give Ari some, I wish I had the camera with me to catch his reaction. He scrunches his eyes shut, clamps his mouth closed and shakes his head back and forth so you have no chance of getting food anywhere near his mouth. As frustrating as it is he makes me laugh every time (don't worry, I laugh on the inside so he doesn't see).

After brunch we headed out to the mall to return/exchange some stuff. We got there pretty early, it was still busy but not total mayhem. I got Ari the cutest little brown loafers to wear this weekend. On our way out we cruised by Santa so the babies could see and I have to admit, it was one good lookin' Santa. Well, he looked good as Santa, not that he was cute or anything. His beard was real, long & white, and his face really was rosy! He even had a little belly... he gave us some pointers on how to take the babies up to him so we could get a photo without them screaming. We'll have to test it out a little closer to Christmas, it's way too early to be sitting on his lap now.

Ari fell asleep before we were even out of the parking lot, I even managed to get him up to his crib and back asleep once we got home, a monumental task that's almost never accomplished! I stopped at Starbucks on our way out too, gotta love the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, SO good!

This is the RAK I won from Kristy, it took a little while to get here all the way from Australia but so worth the wait! I can't wait to dive in... and since it's here it's time for a little RAK of my own! Leave a comment today and I will draw one random winner for a little goody box of my own! I will pick the random winner one week from today, how does that sound!!

Last but not least, the neat art clips I ordered from Land Of Nod. I'm going to hang them above the window in my scrap area. I thought they would come in handy to clip up the photos I'm about to scrap. It's a great way to jump start my inspiration!

Matt gets home in about 4 hours, he just has to go to Lexington, KY and back and he will be home for the night! We're headed out to Louiville tomorrow evening, I have PT in the morning before we go. If I don't update tomorrow I am taking the laptop with me so I can stay in touch while I'm gone. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Chrissy Le said...

Glad you had fun out today! That look at all the godies you won!

BTW, we're going out again on Wednesday, I'll pick up some sequins for ya!

bruinbr said...

yay! that french toast sounds yummy! At first when I read the thing about Santa, I thought you meant "ohh la la" not that he was very authentic! :P

have a wonderful and safe trip! Thanks also for the paint name - seriously, your room is beautiful!!

Deanna said...

that Starbucks looks yummy! Definitely puts me in the holiday mood! Oh, and LOVE Land of Nod! They have such cute stuff!

Off the subj., did you find out who Jason Bateman is???? :)

Michelle Lanning said...

what adorable little clips -- and french toast - yum...

Ella & Michelle said...

I had fun today! Thanks so much for the clips! They really are going to look great in Ella's room. I'll send you the pics of what I'm doing in there. You got some great goodies today! I'm envious. I can't wait to play again and you still need to show me how to make the photo box. That's a great idea for x-mas presents. Have a safe fun trip. See you when you get back!

Nicole said...

Love those clips!

Theresa Tyree said...

Did the tip from Santa include not letting Ari see him before you put him in his lap so he wouldn't suspect anything? I think that would work the best.

I'll have to run by Starbuck's and get me one of those. It sounds divinely yummy!!!

I wanna see a pic of Ari's feet wearing those new brown loafers. I'll bet they're adorable!! Hee hee!