Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Wow, sorry it's been a few days! Guess nothing has really happened around here that I thought was worthy of a post. We've just been hanging out around the house, the past three days were Matt's only block of three days off for the whole month. That's a whole other story that I won't bug you with... anyway, he headed back to work this morning for four days [yuck]. Ari and I were planning on hanging out in our jammies all day but my friend Michelle called with an extra ticket to the Panther's game! We got all dressed and ready to go then I realized that the game started right smack in the middle of Ari's nap time. Based on what happened yesterday when we tried to go to the mall I figured that going to the game wouldn't be the best idea. I would feel horrible if (er, when) Ari melted down and we needed to leave early. Michelle, I really hope you found someone else to go with!!!

Yeah, yesterday... Matt and I decided to run out to the mall really quickly. We had a couple things to return and some gifts for christmas to pick up. The 15-20 minute drive to the mall took well over an hour, there was absolutely NOWHERE to park, and by the time we got in and grabbed a bite to eat Ari threw a FIT! I'm not talking a little fussing here, he was screaming his little blonde head off! He's never done that before, people were staring at us like we hit him or something absurd like that. The only thing that made him stop screaming was if I carried him upside down. That's right, I had to hold him by his legs and dangle him like a monkey. You would think people would stare at that but no, they only made it their business when he was throwing a fit. Go figure!

Hehe, so we will be doing the remainder of our holiday shopping via the internet!

Oh, how 'bout this!! Matt just called... apparently he's having a horrible day. [a little background info here: Flight crew need to be scheduled for a meal break every so often throughout the day. You'd think it's a given that they need to eat but apparently it's very often overlooked. To "make up" for the lack of meal break the company provides "crew meals" when there isn't enough time to get real food. Think high school cafeteria food, three days ago, packed in styrofoam and loaded onto a giant truck to await whomever might need them.] Anyway, Matt was in the crew room at the airport today and overheard another crew talking about their crew meals they had been given. One of the pilots opened up that bad boy and a LIVE MOUSE jumped out and ran away. I'm seriously nauseous now just hearing about it over the phone! Anyway, Matt's crew was just delivered their crew meals and needless to say, they refuse to eat them. Matt called and was told, "we've already heard about that. We called an exterminator so you aren't getting a meal voucher, eat what you have!". Um, how about NO! He told his crew to go inside and get something to eat, this is worth a delay! They are flying seven flights today over the course of thirteen hours, they need food!

Anyway, had to write that in here... just a small insight into our world! Ari bean just woke up from his nap, despite that nasty story we're going to grab a snack to hold us over 'til dinner. I need to make our christmas list and email it out today, other than that it's back into our jammies!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


bruinbr said...

oh my gosh! that is sooooooo gross!! your poor dh! i hope his day gets better!

Nicole said...

Yuck! Poor guys! Man I remember the days when the kids would have a meltdown like Ari's. Fun huh? Hope you can get the rest of your xmas shopping done much easier.

MsGrace said...

OMG!!! Nasty!!
Don't wrry about the gets better & it is not too often usually. I am gald my four are pretty much past that. Although I do gt the pre-teen attitude now &


Croppycatter said...

I don't blame your dh one bit...I can't believe they told them to eat that anyway! I feel your pain with the meltdowns and nosy people. My boys love hanging upside down too! :)

Michelle Lanning said...

OMG - that is terrible!