Monday, March 31, 2008

Long day...

I'm so tired, this is going to be a short one. We had Ari's 15 month check up today, he's being referred to a speach therapist for an "oral aversion" with food. The pediatrician is concerned about the lack of "big people" food that Ari eats and wants to have him evaluated. It caught me a little off guard and I've been a little bummy all day. I know he's going to be fine and our pediatrician is only doing his job, I just want my little guy to be perfect you know. I'll keep you updated! Ari now weighs 23 pounds and is 30 inches tall! He's a little on the short side but I like him that way, just means we have less pants to buy, hehe!

Other than that it was a very blah day. The weather is positively miserable. It was cold, cloudy and rainy all day. I've had a headache I think partially due to my stress this morning and the weather. I'm going to take a hot bath and curl up in my comfy cozy bed! My flannel jammos are totally calling my name and I have a few magazines that I forgot to read. Matt is feeling a tad bit better today, he's on Tamiflu, his fever is broken. Now he's just dealing with tons of congestion and drippiness. His poor eyes are swollen, red and watery. I haven't seen him this sick in quite a while. Ari was given a preventative perscription of Tamiflu so hopefully he can come through all of our sickiness without catching it himself! Our trip to Charleston is less than a week away, yay!!!

Matt picked a random number from my blog comments this weekend, the lucky winner of my RAK is JENN Z!!! Jenn, email me your snail mail and I'll put together a little something for you. Congrats and thanks for stalking me ;) Hehe... Oh, and *so, so sorry* that I have yet to respond to your email, I promise, promise, promise to do it this week. Promise!!! I have a few questions for you anyway!!!

Well, that's all folks. Sorry for the boring-ness. Just not much happening around here. Ari and I are having lunch with our good friends Alice and Charlie tomorrow and I'm taking my camera. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get some decent shots of the little guys. Goodnight, sleep tight!


Anonymous said...

WOW, i was reading your post and then saw my name , lol ..... Oh no problem on the email, BELIEVE Me , i know how busy happens and FAST ! My house is STILL not recovered from when i was sick in FEB , yes FEB !!!! Its really starting to bug me too , i know messy to me is neat to others, but i must get my house back in shape !
I hope Matt is feeling better soon ! Why do men always seem to get it worse than us gals ?
Im sure things will be fine with Ari , i saw his cute little youtube video you had up the one time and he was so cute talking, my boys both had speech therapy , they are autistic so its a little different, but Michael had feeding therapy as well cuz he had many food aversions, it was a sensory thing with him and a tad of oral apraxia where his tongue did weird things with the food in the mouth ..... Ok, i can really ramble and fast so i will let ya go ! Have a great day !
Jenn :)

I think we are coming down in June , we had to rework some things , my crowns for my old fillings should be all done in early may , going for part 1 tuesday, grrrrr..... im so nervous, at least i will be mostly sedated, but im still nervous !
Ok, ranting again !
I will send you my addy :)

Chrissy Le said...

That's not short at all for Ari! I think 30inches is sorta tall, isn't it?! Also, what is Ari eating at this stage for the Pediatrician to be worried?

Croppycatter said...

Morgan...Ari's going to be fine. You'll see!!! Hugs to you. BTW...when are you going to come see me??? :)