Monday, March 17, 2008

Back among the living...

Sort of. I do feel better today, not 100%, but better. Matt let me sleep in until about 10:30, then I poured myself into the shower. We had a late breakfast, straightened up the house a tiny bit then headed to Target. Ari's been a little bit of a pill today, I really hope he's not coming down with what I had... he's boycotted every nap and is fighting sleep hard as we speak. I'm afraid he's just going to have to cry it out! Matt just gave him some Tylenol. He's still cutting those bottom molars and I think they're giving him a fit. His poor little face is all broken out from all the drool, it's so sad. We are still doing his easter pictures this week though! I got him the CUTEST outfit from The Childrens Place, a little button down shirt with a tie! He's going to look like such the little man.

I'm really trying to get some scrapping done tonight. I promised the girls over at Crop Addict the pictures of the album I made with Donna Downey on Saturday but I have yet to finish the last two pages. SO sorry girls, hang in there one more day. I'll finish it tonight I promise!! It's darling, perfect for my guest room (if I want it to be tucked that far away from public eye, I'm quite proud of it). I have some work to do with my April design team kit too, I just can't seem to find my mojo this month. I've changed up my "style" a bit and it seems to be helping. Let's just say the things you see from me this month are like nothing you've ever seen from me before!!! I'm trying things I've never attempted and it does seem to be working, for now at least.

Well, I'm off to whip up some dinner. Chicken Enchilladas, I think. Sorry Bro, wish you could be here to dig in with us. 5 more weeks bud, and you'll be back in the states!!! Then, it's homecooked food whenever you please! Oh, and I got the list of houses you're considering... I'll give my $.02 asap!!! I'm so proud of you {{hugs}}. That's all for now folks, like I said, I promise pictures tomorrow!!!


Haley said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. Also glad you got your mojo back too, now can you find mine? :-)

Hope Ari's teeth get to feeling better too.

Jackson is working on his first tooth right now so I can totally relate.

The Cool Chicks said...

so glad you are feeling better girl, I have been thinking about you!


Nicole Carro said...

Feel better Morgan, I'm in the same boat - it stinks Moms never get the day off even when we're sick.