Thursday, March 20, 2008

Seems I Jumped the Gun

In thinking I was back among the living. Well, I technically was since I did leave the house yesterday but I still feel really icky. I can't seem to kick this bug, whatever it is. I think it's a sinus infection, my head has the worst of it. I know I've been promising those pics of the album I made with Donna Downey. I did finish it and the pics are on my computer, I just haven't had the energy to make that slideshow.

My poor husband called me from the hotel last night asking if I was going to blog any time soon... talk about guilt trip. Just kidding, it wasn't a guilt trip at all, he just knows that if I'm not on the computer doing my normal daily routine that I must be feeling pretty punk! I think it really bugs him that I have to be here taking care of Ari when all I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep. Welcome to the wonderful world of "Mommy", you don't really get any time off to recover! It doesn't help that for the past two nights Ari's been waking up between midnight and 2am... I'm not really sure why, it's either his two bottom molars that are cutting through or he's sick too. I don't know which one I prefer it to be, teething does not suit him, then again I hate it when he doesn't feel well. I just need to prepare myself for a lose/lose situation!

Well, enough of my rambling (can you tell my head's not all there??), I'm going to lay on the sofa while Ari plays since he's refusing to take a nap! Have a good day, I'll work on that slide show I promise!!! Sorry...


Christina said...

Girl, you just get some rest and get to feelin better! We can all wait for those pictures. You gotta take care of yourself first!! Hope you feel better!!

Anonymous said...

OH Morgan, i so feel your pain, i think that is why it took me so much longer to get better, cuz i couldnt just "be sick", i had the kids here sick or well ! And that was kinda what happened to me, thought i was just getting a touch of it, then wham ! Sick when i thought i was better. It was mostly in my head too with a cough from the "drip". Dont know what it was , but i dont care for it to revisit !
Hope you feel better soon !
My trip may be postponed, things are getting all messed up so it may not be in April . I will keep ya posted !
Feel like i havent scrapped hardly at all lately . I hope to do some soon. Cant wait to see your DD album, it will still be there, wait till you are better .

Haley said...

Hope you get to feeling better really soon! It's never fun to be sick and even less fun when you've got a little one to care for!

My thoughts are with you and Ari, hope you both get to feeling better very soon. :-)


Laura S. said...

Oh I know how that is. Mama never gets to be sick. I hope you can rest some & feel better soon.

Michelle Lanning said...

oh I know the feeling -- I hope you start to feel more like yourself soon -- I wanna see pics!