Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have a sickie in the house

Matt tried and tried to stay healthy while I was fighting my upper respiratory ickies. He was succesfull, that is until he went to work and his crew had the flu. Bummer. Needless to say, he's not feeling too hot. He's been running a fever of 102.5 all day and just lies on the sofa like a bump. I feel so bad for him, I can tell he really feels bad. To make matters worse, the cable box is on the fritz so he can't even watch tv. We've been watching DVD's from our "library" all day.

I'm pretty much back to normal. I still have the froggies in my throat but the inhaler works pretty well for that. I'm super tired today I think because I've been chasing a cranky toddler all day. Ari has a giant case of cabin fever. He was so used to being able to play outside every day last week, it's only been in the mid 40's for the past two days. No fun. He has his 15 month check up tomorrow and is due for another shot, really no fun.

I have a few more scrappy things to share with you, unfortunately it will have to wait. The gallery isn't open yet but you're definately going to want in on this challenge. The manufacturer is one of my all time faves, they never let me down. This kit was no exception! I'll leave you with this frame I altered today. You should have seen how ugly it was before, all white and blue and ick. Look at it now, it's perfect in the living room!

Well, I'm going to go be lazy with my husband. Ari went to bed at 6:30, I couldn't listen to him whine anymore. I feel like the only words out of my mouth today were "how are you feeling" and "Ari, NO"... sheesh. Oh, and be sure to leave a comment on Friday's post for a chance to win a little something from me. I'll draw the winner tonight before bed!! Enjoy your evening!


Ella & Michelle said...
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Ella & Michelle said...

Go to Earth Fare tomorrow and get Matt those flu homeopathic capsules I was telling you about! Poor thing. You should take them too so you don't get it. That wouldn't be fun for next Monday!!! Call me later on tonight or tomorrow after Ari's appointment.

Haley said...

Aww! Hope your DH gets to feeling better really soon! I spent all weekend resting myself.

I'm sad I missed your drawing. :( Oh well.

Christina said...

Hope Matt feels better and the weather warms back up for Ari!! I love your frame!! I especially love that vintage postage card!

Laura S. said...

hope matt is feeling better.