Monday, March 3, 2008

I need a nap...

This one's gonna be short, I just didn't want you all to think I forgot about you.

Weekend Happenings:
1. Ari has massive diaper explosion, so much so that I have to repaint wall, disassemble and clean crib and steam clean carpet. At 7 am!
2. Due to massive diaper explosion I have to monitor him all weekend to make sure he's not seriously ill, considering the fact that he ingested contents of said diaper.
3. Weekend crop at Crop Addict, SO much fun but very tiring at the same time.
4. Matt arrives home Sunday night
5. Matt's new laptop arrives today, he's distracted all day setting up.
6. Paint wall in our bedroom since new headboard is arriving this week.
7. Clean my disaster of a house for being so distracted with other things all weekend.
8. Write down to hire babysitter since Matt's going back to work early tomorrow morning and I've not really acomplished anything on my to do list...

Needless to say I'm dog tired, Ari's just now back to his "normal" self, a good thing and not so good thing considering my energy level is scraping the bottom of the barrel. So, with that I'm going to go take a nap. That is, after I bathe my child and get him tucked in, and make and eat dinner, and clean it up...


Ella & Michelle said...

Glad you got to clean and get the wall painted! Ella just started dancing to the song on your page. Well she's heading up the stairs! Call me later

The Cool Chicks said...

You made me tired just reading that post! I hope you got some time for yourself today!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, i have had many diaper explosions AND Michael has been known to ingest diaper contents ! Fun fun fun ! I feel your pain with the not accomplishing much around the house :( That is exciting though to get a new headboard and paint your room ! The little things excite me ! I hope you have a better week than weekend ! Im hoping to as well ! I will let you know when i get our dates straight, lol .... when you get a chance ( after you get all your stuff done, i know you have alot to do ! ) drop me a line about the NC/SC question , im so confused ! lol .... TTYS !
Jenn :)