Saturday, March 22, 2008

So, So Sorry...

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post this. Please don't hate me ;)

I may be the last person on Earth to have discovered the Google package that you can download with Picasa, Google browser, Skype and more. The little brother uses Skype to call me from Korea so I thought I'd download it, maybe now I can call him! Our plans fell through for today, I needed to drop my car off, seems we're having issues from the accident still but the body shop is closed for Easter today. Hmm, Easter isn't today... oh well. I need to go to the grocery, one cannot keep surviving on pizza and breadsticks. Actually, our plans for tomorrow fell through too... guess I'm left with not much to do this weekend. We need to mow the weeds in our yard. Yep, that's weeds... the grass died from the severe drought and our landscaper doesn't seem too interested in our business. I'm going to call some other places Monday. I know we're friends and all, but I don't have all year. I wonder why it is that nothing you want to grow can survive the drought but the pesky weeds and crabgrass are taking off like crazy. It's a mystery. Anyway, I'm off to order the groceries... anyone have any decent recipies they want to share?? Feel free to post them in the comments or link me somewhere! Enjoy your Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Morgan, i love your book ! And AWH :( That stinks that all your plans fell through :( But you know what, you will have just as good a time celebrating with Matt and Ari , make sure you make yourselves a nice Easter dinner and its fun to go through all the same things for yourself, hey , you 3 are just as important as if you were having 20 ! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I hear ya on the crab grass ! Thats all i got here too ! . That and a mix of weeds that make the lawn "look" green ! lol .... Ok, today is the DH's bday and im ready to go NOWHERE yet ! We are going to see the Easter Bunny and then going out to eat and shop a little, too bad my sinus's are killing me again today out of NOWHERE ! UGH ! I feel your pain! lol .... TTYS !
HUGS and Happy Easter !
Jenn :)

Christina said...

Cute album, Morgan. Our plans fell through for Easter too. Abrielle now has chicken pox!! Poor kid. Anywho, make the best of it. It will still be special evan if its just the 3 of you!!
I have a yummy & easy recipe for chicken.

Elegant Chicken:
Bread chicken breast with Italian seasoned bread crumbs& brown in skillet w/ oil. After browning both sides place breasts in baking pan. Fill w/ chicken broth 1/2 way up the chicken. Place mushrooms on top of chicken. Bake in 325 degree oven for 30 min. Then place slices of cheese on top chicken(I use provolone)& sprinkle with a little bread crumbs. Bake an additional 5 min.

Ella & Michelle said...

I don't know if those guys who did work out here do what you want, but I can give you their number to see. They did great work and were reasonable. I can come over and hit on the cute guy :) Sorry your plans fell through. If you want to join us for the egg hunt to get out of the house you are more than welcome. It won't be till later in the day when it warms up. Call me later.

Laura S. said...

Cute album!!
Sorry your plans fell through. You know you are always welcome in