Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A few fun things

Crop Addict is hosting a challenge sponsored by American Crafts. I was lucky enough to be given some of their new Amplified line to work with along with a fabulous sketch from Tessa Ann. Here's what I came up with...

The first layout pictured was made following the sketch, the rest are creations all my own! Be sure to head over to Crop Addict to play along. The winner of the challenge will receive a prize package from American Crafts!!! You don't want to miss out, they have some really cute new things.

Today was a better day all around. The weather started out pretty ick but it cleared up and the sun came out! It ended up being in the mid 70's and Ari had a chance to play outside after dinner. He and I went out to lunch with Alice and Charlie, friends of ours from Gymboree. After lunch we went to play gym since it was still pretty yucky outside. Play gym is where you can go to Gymboree and play with all the equipment but it's not a structured class and it's open to all age groups. The class we are in (level 3) is for little ones ages 10-16 months. It's really nice because everyone is generally the same skill level, no one gets trampled and the curriculum is geared towards what kiddos that age are focused on accomplishing. We had fun, Ari and Charlie were all over the place. Ari is most definately a climber, he was zooming to the top of everything he could reach!

I didn't get any pictures, I was too busy making sure Ari didn't fall and break his neck!!! We came home and Ari took a ginormous nap. I went out with Tara and Hannah in search of a new scrap store, it was the crappiest little store I have ever been in. Seriously, I have more scrap supplies than the store had!! It was sad, but good because I didn't spend a dime! When I got home Ari was awake and ready for dinner. After I fed him Matt took him outside so I could clean the kitchen, my little helper tends to get in the way and if you tell him to move he throws a complete tantrum. He was happy outside, I got the kitchen clean and Matt got some super cute pictures. I'll end with the pictures from today, we definately got some keepers, you'll be seeing these in upcoming scrappy creations for sure!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the cutest pictures ever ! I love one particular, he looks so cute !
I will email you tomorrow when i am more alert , i can definately tell you all about that :)
Gotta cut my usual ramblings short for now , have a great night ! I soooo have to take pix of layouts from the weekend, nothing seems to get done lately ! ITS HORRIBLE !
Night !
Hugs :)

Haley said...

He is so so sweet looking! Love your new lo's!

I think I'm going to do that challenge too, just because I like AC so much!

Ella & Michelle said...

I love the pic you took of Ari at a low angle! He looks like a big boy :) Hannah's layout turned out great!

Michon said...

Adorable pictures and love your layouts Morgan!